How to clean a monitor screen? Our tips on how to clean macbook screens

A computer or a laptop screen becomes dirty over time. Greasy fingers and dust mean you can no longer see the screen properly. So you will want to know how to clean your laptop screen. Fortunately, cleaning a screen takes no time at all. However, a monitor or laptop is often an expensive purchase. You don't want to ruin your MacBook when you clean the MacBook screen. We provide you with tips on what to do or not to do when you clean a screen and with the best way to clean a laptop screen.

Why clean a macbook pro screen, or any other computer screen?

Screens really attract dust. They also get covered in greasy fingerprints. Laptops particularly. That makes it much more difficult to look at a screen. Cleaning your screen regularly is a good idea. Generally they are LED or LCD with a special coating. However, cleaning LED or LCD screens is not without risk. You cannot use any old product to clean a LED or LCD screen. Particularly as some products affect the coating when you use them to clean the laptop or the monitor. You can prevent this with our tips and action plan.

HG screen cleaner: how to clean a MacBook screen without leaving streaks

How to clean a monitor screenHG screen cleaner has been developed specifically to clean any screen quickly and safely. So, it makes light work of cleaning your monitor or laptop screen. The result is a streak-free clean screen.

This is how to clean screens with HG screen cleaner:

  1. Spray HG screen cleaner on the screen. Make sure it doesn't drip down and end up in the edges.
  2. Take a lint-free cloth. For example a microfibre cloth. Use it to clean and dry the screen.
  3. A stubborn stain? Use a little more liquid. Rub it on the stain with circular motions.

You want to know how to clean your pc monitor or a laptop screen? 2 alternative tips for cleaning your screen

With HG screen cleaner cleaning a screen becomes an easy job. It is also safe for cleaning your computer screen. You can try alternative products too. We would like to share 2. But this is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that they work.

Clean a television screen with other products? Various tips for cleaning a TV screen are shared on the internet. HG randomly selected a number of tips:

1. Clean your screen with water

What if the screen is not that dirty? You can clean your computer screen with just a little water. It is best to moisten a cloth with some distilled water. Use it to clean the screen.

2. Clean your screen with a glasses-cleaning cloth

Glasses-cleaning cloths do not contain liquid and are designed specifically to remove grease and dust. You can also use them safely on your laptop, for example to clean a MacBook Air screen or to clean an Imac screen.

What is best to avoid for cleaning a screen?

Products are recommended on various sites for cleaning a screen when it would actually be better not to use them on a screen at all.

1. Do not clean your screen with regular cleaning products how to clean a macbook screen

All-purpose cleaner is not suitable for cleaning computer screens. It leaves a film behind, making the screen look dull. 

2. Do not use an alcohol-based product for cleaning your screen

Do not use alcohol-based products to clean your computer or laptop screen. For example methylated spirits or acetone. They can affect the screen.

3. Screen cleaning: be careful with vinegar too

There are many sites that say you can use water and cleaning vinegar to clean your screen. Vinegar that is diluted with water is not bad as such. However, vinegar is an acid. Does your screen have a protective coating? Cleaning vinegar will affect the coating over time, and the screen will get dirty quicker.

Tips for cleaning a screen

Irrespective of how you will clean your screen, the tips below always come in handy.

1. Switch off the computer when you clean your screen

Are you about to clean your computer or laptop screen? It is a good idea to remove the plug from the socket. For a laptop it is also wise to remove the battery. 

2. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the screen

Use a lint-free cloth, such as a microfibre cloth. Paper can leave wood fibres behind and they can cause scratches. If you use a face cloth or old t-shirt, lint can stay behind when you clean your screen.

3. Do not press too hard

Whatever product you use. Never press too hard with a cloth when you clean the screen.

4. Remember that you do not end up with liquid in the edges when you clean your screen

If you use water and a cloth to clean a laptop screen, like your MacBook screen? Make sure you do not get water in the edges. Do not make the cloth too damp and wring it out properly. The same applies to a free-standing monitor, but with a laptop you need to be even more careful, as water can dribble into other parts of the laptop too.

If you have a tip for cleaning the screen of your laptop or computer, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about: How to clean a monitor screen

Why should I clean a laptop or computer screen?

Screens quickly attract dust. Greasy fingers show up clearly too.

What is the best way to clean my macbook screen?

You can clean any screen with:

  • Water
  • A glasses-cleaning cloth

What is best to avoid for cleaning a screen?

Be careful with the following products if you want to clean your screen:

  • Regular cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaner
  • Alcohol-based cleaning products, such as acetone or methylated spirits
  • Over time vinegar can affect the protective coating

Which HG product do I use to clean my screen?

HG screen cleaner has been developed specifically to clean any screen quickly and safely.

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