Tips: Remove scale, mould & damp

Do battle with mould, scale and damp patches in the toilet or bathroom with these HG tips. Discover how you can remove and prevent these problems.

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Tips for removing scale

Tips for removing scale

Is your house damp, with ugly mould patches? HG shares various tips with you about how you can remove mould outdoors and indoors (such as the bathroom) and prevent mould from developing. Those mouldy patches are not only dirty and therefore look very unattractive, but can also even be harmful to your health. No wonder you want to get rid of them quickly!

How to avoid mould and damp in the home?

Problems indoors

The most important tip we can give you to prevent mould in your home is to ventilate it properly. Regularly open the windows, during or after mopping the floor for example, ventilate the bathroom effectively after showering and check whether your automatic ventilation still works well.

Problems outdoors

Mould in a wooden shed or on the outside wall can be prevented too. If possible, try to position your shed in a sunny spot, or install a good moisture absorber in the shed. Exterior walls can be treated in order to stop them absorbing rainwater. This not only keeps the walls from becoming dirty, but also prevents formation of mould.