Black mould in your bathroom | How to remove mould from the bathroom


Still not found a solution for removing mould in the bathroom? Fortunately, this very common problem can be easily solved, with the right solution that is! Learn everything about what causes mould and the best tips for both removing and preventing black mould in the bathroom and in the shower.

What causes mould?

how to remove mould bathroomMould grows best in damp areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but also in cellars and sheds. Moulds develop where there is lots of condensation from warm air in combination with little or no ventilation.

For example, black mould in the bathroom caused by hot steam that floats down onto tiles, grout and windows after showering. In addition to the bathroom, the kitchen is also a favourite place for mould to grow due to the hot steam when cooking and insufficient extraction.

3 tips for preventing mould in the bathroom

No problem with mould in the bathroom but you want to prevent it from forming? Below are a few tips for preventing mould.

1. Warm up the bathroom before showering
If you have a heater in your bathroom, this is ideal to prevent black mould in the bathroom, shower or ceiling. Turning on the heating before showering means less condensation will form on the warm walls and this greatly reduces the chance of mould in the shower and in the bathroom and therefore also the need for using a bathroom mould remover. 

2. Ensure good ventilation in the bathroom after showering
Even though you should warm up the bathroom before showering, it is important to ventilate well afterwards to get rid of all the moisture. And if you have a fan in the bathroom, make sure to use it during and after showering to help prevent mould in the shower. The moisture will not remain in the air and the chance of black mould in the bathroom is reduced. 

3. HG natural stone protector
Do you have marble or other calciferous natural stone in the bathroom? Then you can use HG natural stone protectorto prevent mould in the bathroom. This natural stone protector seals and protects marble and other natural stone against water (stains, dirt and limescale as well) penetration. This also reduces the chance of mould forming.

Bathroom and shower mould removal

You can try some of the various website tips on how to remove black mould in bathrooms, such as soda and bleach. Keep reading to find out the best way to use these products in the fight against filthy mould!

3 household tips for removing mould in the bathroom

Try the following methods to prevent and remove mould in your home.

1. Soda
You can try using soda as a bathroom mould remover. Dissolve 6 grams of soda in 1 litre of hot water and pour it over the black mould in the bathroom, or use a brush. Then be sure to rinse well with clean water. 2>

removing mould bathroom2. Vinegar as a bathroom mould remover
A quite well-known household remedy for removing mould in the bathroom is vinegar. Apply it undiluted with a cloth or sponge and leave it to work for a short time. Rinse the surface well to ensure the vinegar smell is rinsed away.

3. Diluted bleach
Dilute 25 millilitres of bleach in 1 litre of water and dab the mould areas with a saturated sponge. Repeat this method until you get the desired result. Be careful that the beach mixture does not damage the surface! 

Have you tried the above methods and were they too much work or you did not get the desired result? Then try one of the special bathroom mould removers form HG specially developed to remove mould from the bathroom quickly and easily.

HG against mould in the bathroom

HG mould spray is the number one ideal product for simple, fast and thorough mould removal. This bathroom mould remover eliminates all moulds, making filthy black stains disappear. 

HG mould remover foam spray has a unique foaming action which means the foam remains in place longer for better saturation. The foam spatters less and the smell is less penetrating.

Mould, damp or weather stains often appear on the silicon seal between the bathtub and the tiled wall, in the shower cubicle or on plaster. Both HG mould removers are the perfect and easy solution.

Do you have a good tip on how to remove mould in the bathroom? Let us know!

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HG mould remover foam spray

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HG mould remover foam spray

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