HG mould sprayThé effective mould and mildew cleaner

HG mould spray Thé effective mould and mildew cleaner

HG mould spray immediately and effortlessly eliminates all moulds, making filthy black stains disappear, inside and outside. For cleaning tiled walls (also suitable for marble) and grouting in the bathroom, shower, toilet, kitchen, cellar, basement, sauna, swimming pool, garage, shed etc. It cleans also facades, balconies, plant boxes, garden ornaments etc. but excluding wood. HG mould spray swiftly and effortlessly eliminates all mould in the bathroom, leaving no trace of the unsightly black spots.

  • For tile grout, silicon joints, plaster, etc.
  • Self-acting, so without scrubbing or scouring
  • Results within 30 minutes

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HG mould spray

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HG mould spray

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Our mould cleaner eliminates mould easily

Mould, damp or weather stains often appear on the silicon seal between the bathtub and the tiled wall, in the shower cubicle or on plaster. This anti mould spray is also suitable for cleaning tile walls, seals in the swimming pool, garage, shed, sauna and conservatory.
We also have a foam spray version of our mould cleaner: HG mould remover foam spray. This version has a unique foam formula with a milder fragrance, and is easier to spray directly on mould or mildew. A mold and mildew cleaner without splashing and better adhesion for though to reach spots.

How do you use HG mould spray?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG mould spray. The mould spray has a bleaching effect. If in doubt, test first in an inconspicuous place.

  1. Spray the surface from a distance of 3 to 5 cm with HG mould spray.
  2. Leave to work for 30 minutes and then clean with water and a sponge.

We recommend using rubber/plastic gloves and ventilating well during use. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Label information

Volume : 500ml
Article number : 186050106
GTIN (EAN code) : 8711577002053


Can I use the mould removers on a ceiling?
We do not recommend this, as the bonding of plaster and paint on ceilings is less strong than on walls. It does not adhere as well. Our mould removers could reduce the bonding to the ceilings. Therefore, we do not recommend using these products on a ceiling.


Can I use the mould removers on the rubber seals of a fridge?
No, we do not recommend using our mould removers on the rubber seals of a fridge.



Can I use the mould spray on wood?
No, HG mould spray is not suitable for use on wood.
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The Best Way I Found To Remove Mould!


Best Mould remover - Remove Mould Fast

Nick Gardner

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Reviews HG mould spray
Featured reviews:

The Best Out There!

Have used this product for years, after trying at least 20 others!, and this one actually works!! strong odour! So make sure you have the windows open! Spray on, leave a little, then rinse off.... for stubborn marks, use an old toothbrush and another little spay to get old grout looking clean again.

mike2151 @ DIY.com


Have used other brands of sprays on damp mouldy areas in the house before, always needed to wipe with a cloth after spraying. Read it was highly rated online so thought to give it a try. This stuff, spray it on, wait half an hour and it's all gone! 5/5

Chris @ Wickes.co.uk

Omg. Unbelievable

Omg. I’m in shock. I’ve never had such awesome results. I had black mould on my window and I tried the mould gel tubes from Amazon. They were rubbish. Like didn’t change anything. Then I ordered the hg spray. Today I sprayed, left it for 30 mins and when I went back I couldn’t believe the sight. It was white with not a trace of any dark spots. Like wowwww. No scrub. Nothing. I just wiped it. It’s bleach and the smell is strong so tonight I’ll be sleeping in the other room and will leave the window open. But I totally recommend. I’ve rarely reviewed so quickly. So well priced and works like magic. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

TPC @ Amazon.co.uk

Truly amazing stuff

Honestly like a magic spray. I have used other mould products with integrated brushes etc to really get in the sealant - works 60% even when left overnight . This you spray and wait 15 mins and the black is just not there anymore- works 98%.

Jillyereandnow @ Robertdyas.co.uk

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HG mould remover foam spray

  • For tiles, silicon seals, plaster, etc.
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