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Although not the most glamorous chore, tile and grout cleaning can keep your bathroom or kitchen looking as good as new, as well as hygienic. It’s common for dirt to form on grout in rooms with high moisture and humidity levels. Once formed, it can discolour your grout, affecting the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. You can see our helpful tips on preventing dirt from forming, as well as how to clean tile grout.

What causes grout to get dirty?

how to clean grout

Grout often gets dirty in rooms that get warm and humid. This is why your bathroom and kitchen often has dirty grout between tiles on your walls or floor. Whether you’re running hot water or boiling food, the hot steam can lead to dirt forming.

Dirt, grease, moisture and even dirty water from mopping can penetrate into the grout, causing it to look dirty. Eventually, moisture can also cause limescale and mould to form on the grout.

3 tips for preventing dirty grout

As grout is porous, over time it can absorb grease, grime, moisture and limescale. Below are a few tips on how to prevent your grout from getting dirty.

1. Protect the grout

Some blogs advise rubbing the grout with a candle to create a water and dirt-resistant layer to prevent dirt from forming. However, applying HG wall and floor grout protector is much more effective. This product provides maximum, transparent protection against penetrating oil, grease, grime and moisture, which can lead to limescale.

2. Good ventilation

It is important to ventilate the room well, to prevent moisture from penetrating into the grout, which can also lead to mouldy tiles. When showering or cooking, switch on your extractor fan, and even leave the door and windows open to let the moisture escape.

3. Refresh your mopping and cleaning solutions regularly.

If the water you are cleaning or mopping with is dirty, then the grout will get dirty too. Refreshing your mopping and cleaning solutions regularly will prevent unnecessary dirt from these solutions from penetrating the grout.

Tile and grout cleaning tips

No matter how hard you try to prevent grout from getting dirty, sometimes you need a cleaning solution to keep it looking as good as new.

Keep your grout clean with HG

At HG, we have a few products designed for cleaning grout, including HG grout cleaner. This product does not need to be diluted and can remove stubborn dirt from practically all grout in between tile walls, floor tiles and bricks.

HG grout cleaner concentrate can also remove stubborn dirt from grout on your kitchen and bathroom tiles. 1 litre is enough to clean 10 to 15 square metres of wall or floor surface.

If there are still some yellow and brown stains left after you’ve tried cleaning the grout, you could try using HG limescale remover concentrate. For removing black scale on grout in the bathroom, we recommend using HG mould spray.

4 household tips on how to clean grout

Various websites and blogs give all kinds of household tips on how to clean grout between your tiles. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these methods below.

1. Bleach and water                                    

Mix bleach and water together and scrub the tile grout clean using an old brush.

how to clean grout2. Fabric softener and warm water

Another method for cleaning grout in the bathroom is with fabric softener  warm water. Use this mixture and a cloth to wipe the grout clean.

3. Water and vinegar

Dampen a mop with a mixture of water and vinegar, then mop the grout thoroughly and then dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

4. Lemon juice, vinegar and soda

In addition to the methods above, you can also use lemon juice. Mix some vinegar and soda with lemon juice and use this mixture to scrub the grout and tiles clean.

If these methods haven’t worked as well as you’d hoped, you can try one of HG’s solutions for cleaning grout.

Do you have a good tip on how to clean grout? Let us know! You can also find out how to clean tile floors.

Frequently asked questions on how to clean grout

How do you clean grout in the shower?

When cleaning shower grout, you can try a home remedy solution, like bleach and water. However, the best way to clean grout is by using a specially formulated product, like HG grout cleaner. Simply apply the solution to the grout, leave it to set then use an old brush to scrub it clean.

How do you clean grout on the floor tiles?

To clean grout on the floor tiles, apply HG grout cleaner to your floor tiles, then leave this to settle for a few minutes. Then scrub this clean using a clean brush, then rinse using warm water and dry with a clean towel.

What is the best way to clean grout?

The best way to clean tile grout is by using a specially formulated product like HG grout cleaner concentrate. This long-lasting solution lets you remove stubborn dirt from grout on your bathroom and kitchen tiles.

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