How to clean a tap. 4 tips on how to clean chrome taps

Would you like to have a clean tap head and make it sparkle? Most taps, tap heads and shower heads are made of chrome. Over time chrome loses its shine with use. Unless you clean the chrome tap with the right products. On this page we tell you how best to do that. This way you prevent dull taps and shower heads in the future. Finally, we answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning your tap. Don't wait! Read more.

This is what makes chrome taps dull

Chrome is beautiful. It makes the bathroom just that little bit more beautiful. The downside of chrome is that it quickly becomes dull. It also damages easily, because it is very soft. That is a great shame, because dull chrome removes the shine from your bathroom and other rooms.

Chrome becomes dull with scale or dirt. Scale on chrome comes from using water. It cannot be avoided, but it can be solved.

Dirt on chrome consists of bits of bath products or skin flakes. That cannot be avoided either, but it is easy to solve by cleaning your chrome taps and tap heads. You enjoy a shiny surface again.

Cleaning a tap with DIY products

Can you clean taps with products you already have at home? You can! HG selected tips for a number of DIY products you can use to clean a tap head.

Be careful when you use DIY products. These products have not been developed specifically for cleaning taps. You clean your chrome taps safely and effectively with a combination of HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer and HG limescale remover foam spray.

Try and clean your tap with the following DIY tips:

how to clean a tap1. Clean a chrome tap with washing-up liquid

Washing-up liquid is a grease remover. In some cases, you can use it to clean chrome surfaces. Mix some washing-up liquid and warm water. Clean the chrome surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Now rinse and dry the surface. That is how you prevent new build-up.

2. Clean chrome bathroom fixtures with vinegar

Vinegar can work as a scale remover. Do you have scale on chrome surfaces or a shower head? Remove the scale with vinegar. Use one part warm water and one part vinegar. Clean the surface with the mixture. Rinse after use to prevent streaks and drop marks.

3. Clean a tap with a microfibre cloth

If the chrome surface is not too dirty, you can polish it with a microfibre cloth. You can also do that after cleaning with washing-up liquid or vinegar. Polish the surface with a dry and clean microfibre cloth. Press gently in circular motions. Make sure the cloth is clean. If the cloth is dirty, it may cause scratches.

Would you like to clean a tap effectively? Let it shine with HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer

clean chrome tapsRemove scale with HG limescale remover foam spray and make your chrome taps shine again with HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer.

With HG limescale remover foam spray it is easy and safe to remove scale from the soft surface of your bathroom faucet. Spray the foam spray on the chrome surface and leave it to work for maximum 5 minutes. You can find more information about HG limescale remover foam spray on the product page.

Make your tap shine like new with HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer. The product has a fresh fragrance and removes soap residues, skin grease, and minor limescale from your taps. Our cleaner does not produce streaks and prevents scale if you use it regularly. HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer is safe for the chrome in your bathroom, because it does not contain scouring agents or aggressive components.

This is how you use HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer to clean the tap:

  1. Put a few drops of HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer on a damp sponge and clean the tap thoroughly
  2. Wipe off the tap with a damp cloth.
    • Use HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer to clean your sink, bath tub, toilet pan and the tiles. Add it to some water and make your entire bathroom sparkle. Would you like more information about HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer? Read more about it on the product page.

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning chrome taps

My chrome tap is dull, how do I clean it?

You can clean chrome taps with various DIY products. Vinegar, washing-up liquid or a microfibre cloth. If this does not have the required result, use HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer or HG scale away foam spray.

Which HG products can I use to clean my chrome tap?

For a scale-free tap, you use HG limescale remover foam spray. Would you like to have a shiny tap and prevent scale? Clean your tap with HG bathroom cleaner shine restorer.

What is chrome made of?

Chrome is a soft stainless steel metal. Chrome is used for taps, shower heads and all the shiny parts of a car or a motorbike.

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