How to remove stubborn limescale You need just 3 steps

How to remove stubborn limescale? Limescale is a common problem in any household. Stubborn limescale occurs in the shower, the bath, on taps or in the toilet. In the kitchen you can also have trouble with persistent limescale on taps or on the worktop.

Limescale produces an ugly film. And in the case of appliances it also reduces efficiency and increases energy consumption. Fortunately this is easy to solve. On this page we discuss the steps for removing stubborn limescale. We also answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions about stubborn limescale.

Causes of stubborn limescale

Water always contains minerals. The amount of minerals in the water differs from region to region. We talk about ‘hard water’ or ‘soft water’. Hard water contains more minerals than soft water. 

Every time a product or appliance is used, limescale is produced. Stubborn limescale is limescale that has built up over time. The more scale, the more difficult it is to remove this stubborn limescale.

Remove stubborn limescale in 3 steps

If you want to remove stubborn limescale, the right products are important. You must also take the time.

We will discuss a number of DIY products. Beware when you use these products. They are not developed specifically for removing stubborn limescale, but you can try. If you really want a proper result, use our HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger. That is the guaranteed safe and effective way to remove stubborn limescale.

Complete these steps to remove stubborn limescale:

how to remove stubborn limescale1. Choose the right product

Take a look at the surface first. How much limescale is there? You choose the right product on the basis of the amount of limescale.

  1. If it is just minor limescale, you can try vinegar
  2. For normal limescale, you use a cleaning product or an anti-scale product
  3. For stubborn limescale you use a super scale remover, such as our HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger.

2. Clean the surface

Use the right cleaning tools: a cloth, sponge or a soft brush. Depending on the type of surface. Remember that chrome is a soft material, so be sure to use the right tools.

Apply the cleaning product to the surface. Leave it to absorb, or use strength to remove the limescale. With lighter cleaning products you use more strength to clean.

3. Rinse and dry

Now the surface is clean. The stubborn limescale has been removed. Finally, rinse the surface. 

Tiles in the shower can be rinsed with a shine agent. This produces a coating on the tiles that prevents the limescale from adhering. 

Dry the surface, if possible. That is how you prevent the build-up of new limescale.

Remove stubborn limescale with HG

remove stubborn limescaleYou have tried to remove limescale, but it didn't work? Perhaps it is stubborn limescale after all. HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger was developed to remove stubborn limescale thoroughly and quickly. This leaves a wonderful shine after use.

HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger is suitable for removing limescale that has been built up over time. The product cleans stubborn limescale from tiles, shower cubicles, synthetic bath tubs, washbasins, taps, shower heads and worktops.

HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger produces a full layer of foam. This means it absorbs longer. This foam does not affect chrome, glaze or grouting if it is used in accordance with the instructions.

Our scale away foam spray 3x stronger is available in 2 more versions for less stubborn limescale. This makes removing limescale easier. 

This is how you use HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger to remove stubborn limescale quickly and thoroughly:

  1. Spray HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger on the surface. Leave the product to absorb for maximum 5 minutes.
  2. Rinse the surface or wipe it off with a damp cloth.
    • Would you like to know more about HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger? Read more on the product page.

This is how you prevent stubborn limescale

We provide 3 convenient tips for keeping surfaces free from limescale as much as possible:

  1. Dry surfaces after use. For example the tap or the shower head. You can also use a squeegee to dry the shower wall after use.
  2. Clean the surfaces once a week with a mild cleaner.
  3. Work out the hardness of the water in your region. If your water is very hard, consider buying a water softener.

Frequently Asked Questions about stubborn limescale

How do I get rid of stubborn limescale?

Take a look at the limescale first. How stubborn is the deposit? Depending on that, you buy HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger, HG scale away foam spray with powerful green fragrance or HG scale away foam spray. Follow the instructions.

Which HG product do I use for stubborn limescale?

To remove stubborn limescale effectively, you use HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger.

How do I prevent stubborn scale?

You prevent stubborn limescale by cleaning surfaces weekly. You can also dry the surfaces after use. Finally, you can consider buying a water softener.

How do I determine the hardness of the water?

You look up the hardness of your water on the website of the water board for your region. If you can't work it out, contact your local authority.

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