How to clean a toilet? Tips for how to clean toilet stains

Cleaning the toilet area is a job many people don’t fancy. Yet, it is important to keep on top of cleaning the toilet. Do you want to know how to clean toilet stains? You can do this in many ways, and HG provides some tips that help.

HG: The best way to clean the toilet

At HG, we have a range of effective toilet cleaning products, suitable for various to clean a toilet

HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic is suitable for regular cleaning and descaling of the toilet. The composition of the toilet gel means that scale and dirt are removed from the toilet. The result is a sparkling toilet with a long-lasting fresh fragrance. 

HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful is suitable for intensive cleaning of the toilet pan. The cleaner removes stubborn dirt and deposits effectively. The cleaning does not affect the glaze, stainless steel or chrome. 

HG sanitary area cleaner is a cleaner that is suitable for cleaning the various surfaces in a toilet area. In contrast to the other two products above, this is suitable for the area of the toilet itself. For a quick and hygienic clean, you can use this cleaner for cleaning the seat, the outside of the toilet pan, the hand basin, the tap and the door handle. The cleaner has a fresh scent and dries quickly. 

How to clean the toilet bowl with the HG toilet renovation kit

toilet renovation kit

How to clean toilet bowl stains? Is the toilet pan so dirty that you need heavy weaponry? The HG toilet renovation kit is the ideal solution. 

This HG toilet renovation kit has been developed specifically to give a toilet pan a new lease of life. Over time, the glazing of a toilet pan becomes brittle. This process means that the dirt and deposits adhere more easily to the toilet pan. These extremely stubborn deposits are generally in the invisible parts of the toilet. 

The HG toilet renovation kit is supplied with an extremely powerful toilet renovation cleaner, a scrubber, a non-scratch scouring pad and two gloves.

You can clean a toilet with these DIY tips

Cleaning the toilet is important to prevent dark stains, uric scale or scale. It’s a good idea for this to be a weekly job. As soon as you clean the toilet weekly, maintaining the toilet becomes much easier.  

HG has selected a number of tips that you can try to make the toilet as hygienically clean as possible. If you did not achieve the required effect? Use HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic or HG sanitary area cleaner

Vinegar and baking soda to clean a toilet

  1. Sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the toilet.
  2. Then pour a cup of vinegar over that.
  3. Leave it to work for 10 minutes.
  4. Now scrub the toilet clean with a toilet brush.
  5. Finally, flush the toilet and the pan is free from scale and dirt. how to clean toilet stains

Coke to clean a toilet

  1. Pour one litre of cola into the toilet pan.
  2. Leave to stand overnight.
  3. Next day, scrub the toilet clean with a toilet brush.
  4. Finally flush the toilet and the scale will have disappeared. 

Clean a toilet with soft household soap

  1. Dissolve soft household soap in a bucket of water.
  2. Clean the toilet seat, tiles, sink etc.
  3. Now pour the solution in the toilet pan and clean with the toilet brush.
  4. Leave to stand for 1 hour and then flush the toilet.

Many sites on the internet recommend cleaning the toilet with bleach. We recommend you avoid this product. Bleach is difficult to break down, making it harmful to the environment. Furthermore, bleach doesn’t clean. The dirt is bleached, but not removed. 

If you have any more tips for cleaning a toilet, please let us know. 

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning a toilet

Why should I clean my toilet?

Cleaning the toilet not only makes your toilet look and smell nicer, it is also hygienic. Regularly cleaning your toilet keeps away germs and bacteria, and stops stains and scale from building up.

What is the best way to clean a toilet?

You can use DIY products, such as cola, cleaning vinegar and baking soda. For a guaranteed result, we recommend HG hygienic toilet gel for your toilet pan or HG hygienic toilet area cleaner for the toilet room and the toilet pan.

For more stubborn dirt and deposits, we recommend HG super powerful toilet cleaner or the HG toilet renovation kit. If you need to clean the seat quickly and conveniently? Use HG sanitary area cleaner. 

Which HG products can I use to clean a toilet?

To clean the toilet, we recommend HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic, HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful and HG toilet renovation kit. For cleaning the entire toilet area, we recommend HG sanitary area cleaner.

Is bleach an effective toilet cleaning product?

No, bleach does not clean your toilet. It only bleaches the dirt, but does not remove it. It is also bad for the environment once it is flushed.

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