HG toilet renovation kitExtreme toilet cleaner gives your toilet pan a new lease of life

HG toilet renovation kitExtreme toilet cleaner gives your toilet pan a new lease of life

HG toilet renovation kit is an extreme toilet cleaner complete package that will give your dirty toilet pan a new lease of life. This extreme toilet cleaner kit contains a toilet renovation cleaner, a scrubber, a guaranteed non-scratch scrubbing pad and two gloves. After using the extreme toilet cleaner, the toilet is truly hygienically clean and fresh.

  • Gives your toilet pan a new lease of life
  • Extremely strong
  • Removes even the most stubborn deposits

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Why is a toilet renovation with this toilet bowl stain remover sometimes necessary?

The glaze on a toilet pan becomes more brittle as it gets older. Deposits such as limescale or uric scale stick to it more easily and mix with other dirt. These stains are generally very persistent deposits found not only in the visible parts of the toilet, (such as the neck, for example), but also hidden under the rim. The deposits under the rim of the toilet pan prevent the toilet from ever being truly hygienically clean and leave a persistently musty smell in the toilet. Furthermore, deposits under the rim reduce the flushing action of the toilet. HG toilet renovation kit ensures that these persistent deposits are removed completely.

How to clean toilet stains with the HG toilet renovation kit?

Follow the steps below to use the HG toilet renovation kit:

For toilet bowl stain removal on the inside of the pan and under the rim: 
Spray the extreme toilet cleaner gel in a fluid motion deep under the rim of the toilet pan and in the pan. Leave to work for at least 30 minutes. After this time, scrub the toilet pan and under the rim thoroughly, using the supplied special scrubber and guaranteed scratch-free scrubbing pad. After scrubbing, leave the toilet bowl stain remover to work for 5 more minutes before flushing the toilet. 

To clean the neck of the toilet pan: 
Depending on how dirty it is, pour up to half a bottle of HG toilet renovation cleaner into the water in the neck. Leave the extreme toilet cleaner to work for 30 minutes up to overnight. Then scrub the deposits away with the scrubber and scrubbing pad. Then flush the toilet at least twice.

HG toilet renovation kit

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