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We have all been there...the water in the toilet comes up instead of flushing down. When the toilet won’t flush – that is horrible. A toilet blockage can quickly produce water problems. Not to mention that a clogged toilet is not a pleasant problem to solve. A blocked toilet is just a real nuisance. We give tips on how to unblock a toilet.

Cause of a blocked toilet

how to unblock a toiletA toilet can become blocked by a number of things. Often a toilet becomes blocked because of too much toilet paper. Another frequent cause of a blocked toilet is that objects are flushed down the toilet that block the drains. For example wet wipes, or kitchen roll that is much thicker than ordinary toilet paper. Personal-hygiene products, such as sanitary towels, can also cause a blockage. Finally, scale can cause a blocked toilet too, particularly in combination with any other above reasons.


Why is it so difficult to unclog a toilet?

Dealing with a blocked toilet can be really difficult. Partly because the drain is a fairly complex system. When the blockage is a little deeper, it can be really tricky to unblock a toilet. When the blockage is deeper and not visible, it is also difficult to work out what caused it. That means you may have to try a number of methods. Finally, a blockage can be difficult to solve because many self-acting problems do not work on blockages, particularly not when they are deeper down. The active ingredients are diluted too much by the large amount of water in the s-trap of the toilet.

How to unclog the toilet with HG's products

Unfortunately, HG's unblockers will not help in most blocked toilet situations. We do not have a specific HG toilet unblocker. When the blockage is not too deep, our HG liquid drain unblocker or our HG duo unblocker may work. That is why they work so well in shower, basin or sink drains. In a toilet, the active ingredients are often diluted too much, and we cannot guarantee a result. We do have a number of products that help to prevent a blockage, for example by preventing the build-up of scale, such as our HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful or HG toilet renovation kit.

Toilet won’t flush? Use these effective tips

Fortunately, there are other effective methods to deal with a blocked toilet.

  1. Unblock the toilet with a drain cleaning coil
    The best method for a blocked toilet is a drain cleaning coil. It is flexible and moves with the bends. Push the coil down the drain to push the blockage away.
  2. Unclog the toilet with a plunger
    Put the suction head of the plunger over the drain and push down hard and then quickly pull up. Repeat this motion a few times to loosen the blockage.
  3. how to unclog a toiletUnblock the toilet with a garden hoseIf you don't have a plunger, you can unclog the toilet without a plunger You can use a garden hose instead. Connect the garden hose to a suitable tap and carefully push the other end in the drain opening of the toilet. Gradually add water to flush away the blockage.
  4. Unblock the toilet with a plastic bag
    You don’t have a garden hose. No worries, you can try to unblock the toilet with a plastic bag. Fill a plastic bag with warm water, put it over the drain and push down firmly. Quickly pull back up to create pressure and remove the blockage.

If none of these methods work, it is time to call a plumber.

Tips to prevent a blocked toilet

When a toilet is not flushing properly, prevention is always better than cure. You can prevent a blocked toilet with the following tips:

  1. Do not use too much toilet paper
    Only use what you need and prevent excessive use. If you do need lots of paper? Flush more frequently. Do not flush thick paper or several layers of paper in one go.
  2. Do not use the toilet like a rubbish bin
    Do not flush things down the toilet that weren't intended to go down, even if they seem to be harmless. For example, kitchen roll or sanitary towels. This prevents blockages in the drains.
  3. Clean the toilet regularly
    Keep your toilet clean. For example, use HG toilet gel or HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful regularly. This prevents scale in the toilet.

 If you have a good tip for unblocking a toilet, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to unclog a toilet

How does a toilet become clogged up?

A blocked toilet is often caused by flushing too much paper or by flushing strange objects down the toilet. Deposits, such as scale, can also increase the chance of a blockage.

What to do when the toilet is clogged?

The following items help to remove a blockage:

  • Flexible drain cleaning coil
  • Plunger
  • Garden hose
  • Plastic bag

Which HG product can I use to unblock a toilet?

There is no HG product that solves a blockage. We do have products that prevent a blockage by keeping the toilet clean.

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