How to clean the sink: the ultimate tips for cleaning your natural-stone bathroom sink

It is important to clean the sink in your bathroom regularly, because it is used daily. Particularly when you have stains, it is important to clean your sink as quickly as possible. In this article we give you tips for cleaning your natural-stone sink. And we tell you what you should absolutely not do when you clean a black sink. 

Cleaning a natural-stone sink with HG

cleaning the sinkDo you want to clean your black sink or natural-stone sink? You can with HG. Because HG natural stone bathroom cleaner is a really safe bathroom cleaner for natural stone. This cleaner is safe for regular cleaning of calciferous natural stone in the bathroom. It removes dirt and even minor scale, and it prevents stubborn scale.

Complete the following steps to clean your sink with HG natural stone bathroom cleaner:

  1. Add a few drops of HG natural stone bathroom cleaner to a damp sponge. 
  2. Clean the black sink properly. 
  3. Rinse with clean water or wipe up with a damp cloth. 

Clean your sink in the bathroom with HG bathroom cleaner all surfaces

Do you want to clean the sink in the bathroom every day? Because it is used intensively by several family members? Use HG bathroom cleaner all surfaces. The name says it all: a bathroom cleaner you can use safely, every day, to clean your sink. After a quick clean with this product, your sink is sparkling clean again. 

Complete the following steps for daily cleaning of your sink:

  1. Spray the sink you want to clean with HG bathroom cleaner all surfaces.
  2. Leave the bathroom cleaner to absorb briefly. 
  3. Finally, rinse off the cleaner properly. 

HG bathroom cleaner all surfaces is not just for cleaning your natural-stone sink. The product can also be used for cleaning an aluminium sink, a composite sink or a ceramic sink and it is the right product when you ask yourself how to clean a porcelain sink. Besides cleaning your sink, it is also suitable for cleaning your plastic shower cubicle or the tiled walls. 

How do I get stains out of my natural-stone sink?

Whether you have Belgian hardstone, granite or marble, you don't want dull spots on your natural stone. Natural stone is prone to staining. Natural stone in the bathroom is prone to white stains. Those white stains on the sink are mainly caused by limescale. 

In order to get the stains out of your natural stone sink, it is important to act quickly. Complete the following steps:

how to clean a sink drain

  1. Dab the stain dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Then clean the sink with a little lukewarm water and a soft cloth. 
  3. Then add a neutral cleaning product.
  4. Then dry everything off properly. 

What you absolutely should not do when you have stains in your natural-stone sink
Do you want to remove stains from your sink? Don't be tempted to start with lots of DIY products, such as toothpaste or motor oil. They do more harm than good. 

How to clean a bathroom sink drain? We have some alternative tips for cleaning the sink drain

Does your sink seem clogged up or do you have a smelly drain in the sink? The first step is to clean the sink drain. A drain that is clogged up or a drain that smells is not always the result of a blocked drain. We cannot guarantee that the alternative tips below work. You always use those products at your own risk. 

  • Cleaning the sink drain with hot water
    The very first step is hot water. With just hot water you can achieve a lot to stop the smells. Hot water dissolves the dirt and kills any bacteria and moulds. Pour a full kettle of boiling water down the drain, leave to work for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. If this doesn’t work, you can also add baking soda to clean the bathroom sink drain.  
  • Use a drain unblocker
    Cleaning your sink drain did not produce the required result with the above tips? Chances are your sink is clogged up. In the article How to unclog a sink? 5 tips for unblocking the drain you can read what to do if your sink is blocked. . 

If you have a good tip for cleaning a sink or natural-stone sink, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning a sink

Can I clean my sink every day?

The sink in your bathroom is used several times a day. With the right product you can clean your sink every day. HG bathroom cleaner all surfaces is such a product. 

How can I clean my sink drain?

You can clean your sink drain with:

  • Hot water
  • A mixture of baking soda and vinegar
  • A plunger

Can I get the stains out of my natural-stone sink?

Yes, provided you act quickly. Dab the stain dry immediately with a dry, soft cloth, before you start with the rest of the cleaning. 

Which HG product do I use to clean a black sink?

With HG natural stone bathroom cleaner it is easy to clean your black sink.

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