How to remove limescale? Tips to remove limescale easily from taps


It is a problem for everyone sooner or later, limescale! Because water and scale go hand in hand. Limescale can certainly build up in the bathroom, but also in the sink and on taps. We have a few tips for preventing and getting rid of limescale.

Why is limescale formed?

how to remove limescaleLimescale is formed when calcium and magnesium ions attach to walls, taps, etc.  Calcium and magnesium are found in water, but how much depends on the area. But limescale can even form in areas with soft water. This is because the pipes carrying the water to your home may have parts that contain calcium. A natural-occurring process means these calcium particles can be found in your drinking water.

Tips for limescale prevention

Of course you want to avoid limescale, especially on taps. The following tips will show you how to prevent limescale. 

1. Limescale prevention with cleaning products
To prevent limescale in the toilet, from taps, from the shower, sink or bath, we recommend having a cloth with some cleaning product on hand when you take a shower. This way you can clean the shower walls while showering. Then rinse the walls with hot water after showering and dry the shower cubicle.  HG shower & washbasin spray is the number one daily cleaner because it not only removes light limescale but skin grease and soap remains as well.

2. Water softener
You can install a water softener to your water pipes; install it directly after your water meter or as close as possible. This water softener (and the built-in calcium filter) softens the water so that it contains less calcium. Unfortunately, this is an expensive solution and not affordable for everyone.

How to get rid of limescale

Limescale prevention is next to impossible, because where there is water, there is limescale. Only the speed in which limescale builds up varies, because the water in some areas contains low levels of calcium and magnesium (soft water) and others contain high levels of calcium and magnesium (hard water). This is why we have various limescale removers in our assortment.

3 ways to remove limescale

Various blogs have lots of DIY tips for removing limescale on taps and other surfaces. We selected a few of the best ones. 

1. Cola
Cola is sometimes considered a cure all, and removing limescale is one of those cures. Cola can be used to remove limescale from the toilet bowl. Pour cola in the toilet bowl and leave it there overnight. Flush the toilet the next day.  

how to get rid of limescale2. Buttermilk
Moisten a tea towel with buttermilk and put it on the area with limescale. Leave it there overnight and you should be able to rinse away the limescale the next day.

3. Fabric softener
You can also use fabric softener to remove limescale from taps and bathroom tiles. Pour a drop of fabric softener in a bucket of warm water and use this to wipe off the tiles, Leave it to work for a bit and then rinse well with hot water. 

Have you tried the tips above for removing limescale and had little or no success? Then try the HG solutions developed especially for getting rid of limescale.

Remove limescale effectively with HG

HG has several solutions for removing limescale, such as HG professional limescale remover. This limescale remover is a strongly concentrated descaler that removes limescale and limestone. This limescale remover is suitable for bathtubs, toilets and shower walls and can also to remove limescale from taps and your showerhead. This concentrated limescale remover also removes rust stains, uric acid and verdigris. HG professional limescale remover is also available in 500ml and 1L.

HG scale away foam spray and HG scale away foam spray with powerful green fragrance remove limescale from the toilet, taps and more quickly and thoroughly and leave your home smelling fresh. HG limescale removers remove limescale, which creates a dull haze, from tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bathtubs, washbasins, taps, showerheads and kitchen worktops. Our limescale removers create a thick foam for a longer working time and it does not affect chrome, glaze and grout. In addition to HG scale away foam spray and HG scale away foam spray with powerful green fragrance, we also have HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger for removing extremely stubborn scale.

Do you have a good tip for getting rid of limescale on taps? Let us know!

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