How to descale the washing machine? 4 tips on how to descale a washing machine

As your washing machine uses hot water, this can cause a buildup of limescale. Too much limescale can affect the performance of your washing machine. It can collect on your clothes, cause your machine to use more energy to heat up, and shorten its lifespan.

Descaling your washing machine can keep your machine working well and your clothes clean. In this article we share a number of tips for descaling your washing machine and keeping it scale-free.

The cause of limescale in the washing machine

Limescale is often formed in areas where water has been heated. The scale particles in the water bond to the surfaces where heat and water come together.

If you live in a region that uses hard water, like Southern areas in the UK, limescale builds up more quickly. Hard water has a higher calcium and magnesium content, which means your washing machine is exposed to more scale.

Limescale builds up slowly, so you don’t need to descale your washing machine so often. However, it is still important to keep on top of descaling your washing machine.

HG quick descaler: The best way to descale a washing machine

descale a washing machine

The easiest and most effective way to descale your washing machine is to use HG descaler for appliances. This product is designed to descale your washing machine safely, reliably and effectively.

This is how you use HG quick descaler to descale your washing machine:

  1. Add HG descaler for appliances to the detergent tray. Use 100ml in soft-water areas and 200ml in areas that use hard water.
  2. Use the shortest run cycle at 60ºC.
  3. Switch the machine off halfway through the cycle, then wait 20 minutes to see if the washing machine descaler works properly.
  4. After 20 minutes leave the machine to finish the cycle.
  5. The washing machine should be scale-free and ready for use.
    • Use this cleaner once every 3 months.

3 tips for descaling of the washing machine

As well as HG descaler for appliances, various tips are shared on the internet on how to descale a washing machine, however these do not guarantee results. HG selected a number of tips. 

how to descale the washing machine1. Natural vinegar

Empty an entire bottle of natural vinegar in your washing machine. Then run a cycle at 90-95 degrees. 

2. Soda

Empty your washing machine and put half a cup of soda in the drum. Then run a cycle at 90-95 degrees. 

3. Dishwasher tablet

Put a dishwasher tablet in an empty drum and run a cycle at 90-95 degrees.

3 tips for preventing limescale in the washing machine

It is impossible to completely prevent limescale from building up in your washing machine, however, there are some ways you can slow it down.

  1. Look at the label of the detergent and the dosage.
  2. Wash at a lower temperature of 30-40 degrees. 
  3. Use a water softener (a preventive solution).

If you have any more tips for descaling the washing machine, then feel free to let us know. You can also see how to descale a Nespresso machine and how to remove limescale from the kettle for more helpful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to descale a washing machine

Why should I descale my washing machine?

A build up of limescale can get onto your clothes when you wash them. It also effects how efficiently your machine heats up. If you descale your machine often, you can keep your clothes clean, boost your machines longevity and even save on energy and maintenance costs.

How can I descale my washing machine?

There are various ways you can try to descale your washing machine, like with natural vinegar, soda and a dishwasher tablet. The most effective way is to use a specially designed product like HG descaler for appliances.

Which HG product do I use to descale my washing machine?

When removing limescale from your washing machine, HG descaler for appliances removes limescale from the washing machine safely and effectively. 

How do I prevent scale in the washing machine?

You can prevent scale in the washing machine by adjusting the amount of detergent to the hardness of your tap water. You can also wash at a lower temperature or purchase a water softener.

How often should I descale the washing machine?

You should aim to descale your washing machine around 3 times a year. Although, this can depend on how often you use it, as well as how hard the water is in your area.

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