How to descale a toilet: Tips to remove limescale & more

When it comes to keeping your toilet clean, a build up of scale can be hard to remove. Whether it’s limescale or uric scale, simply flushing and scrubbing using a toilet brush might not do the trick. Luckily, there are a few useful tips and products which help when it comes to removing scale from your toilet. Read below to find out how to get rid of limescale in your toilet and more.

Causes of uric and limescale in your toilet

Scale forms where there is dampness and moisture. Whether it’s the shower, basin or toilet, scale is particularly common in the bathroom.

How often you need to descale your toilet depends on the hardness of the water where you live. In general in the UK, water in the South is harder, meaning limescale will form more quickly.

How often you use your toilet also impacts how frequently limescale forms. The more often you use, and flush, the toilet, the quicker scale will form. See how you can descale your toilet bowl below.

How to remove limescale from your toilet with HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful

How to descale a toilet

HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful can leave your toilet looking spotless. You can effortlessly remove scale and other stains and help keep them away. It’s powerful and also safe to use. This product is powerful enough to remove scale from various parts of the toilet. Learn how to remove limescale from the toilet rim as well as below the waterline:

This is how you can use HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful to descale your toilet:

  1. Spray HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful under the rim of the toilet and above the waterline to drip below.
  2. Leave the solution to settle for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Then, brush the solution clean using a toilet brush and flush to clear.

HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic is another effective toilet cleaning product, which is ideal for daily cleaning of your toilet.

3 DIY tips for descaling your toilet

HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful has been developed specifically for cleaning stubborn stains, such as scale, uric acid and other stains in your toilet. There are also a number of tips on the internet you can use to remove scale from your toilet. HG has selected a few tips for descaling your toilet.

NB: HG does not guarantee that these DIY tips actually help to descale your toilet.

1. Descale a toilet with cola 

  • Pour some cola over the scale.
  • Leave the cola to absorb for a little while.
  • Now scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush.
  • Flush and see the results!

2. Descale a toilet with baking soda and vinegar 

  • Sprinkle some baking soda over the scale.
  • Pour some cleaning vinegar over the same areas, it may start to foam.
  • Now leave it to absorb for a few minutes.
  • Scrub clean with the toilet brush and flush the toilet to rinse.

3. Descale a toilet with cleaning vinegar 

  • Pour a large amount of vinegar into the toilet.
  • Scrub this using the toilet brush and leave it to work overnight.
  • Flush the toilet the next day, and see if the scale will have disappeared.
  • Repeat, if necessary.

You can also see our tips on how to clean a toilet. Feel free to share any other tips you have for descaling your toilet. 

Frequently Asked Questions about how to descale a toilet

Why do you get limescale in the toilet?

Limescale forms in the toilet due to water residue, especially regions which have hard water. When you flush a toilet, calcium and other minerals can build up and cause limescale.

How do I descale the toilet?

You can use DIY products, such as cola, cleaning vinegar and baking soda, however these don’t offer guaranteed results. HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful can easily and effectively remove limescale and uric scale. It can even remove limescale from the toilet below the waterline.

Which HG product can I use to descale the toilet?

For descaling a toilet, we recommend HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful.

Are there HG products for daily cleaning of the toilet?

Yes! We recommend HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic and HG sanitary area cleaner for daily cleaning of your toilet.

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