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If you use your kettle daily, it is important to clean it and remove the scale regularly. A kettle with scale and furry deposits does not work as well. Water contains calcium that precipitates on the bottom and the heating element, ensuring that over time it will no longer produce enough heat. Limescale has an insulating effect and reduces efficiency. The harder the water, the more calcium it contains, accelerating the accumulation of scale. Further on we give you a number of tips on how to clean and descale your kettle in the best possible way so you can enjoy your cuppa for many years to come!

Prevent limescale in a kettle

how to remove limescale from kettle It is difficult to prevent scale from forming in an electric kettle. The only way to prevent scale is by having a water-softener installed that converts hard water into soft water by removing the calcium and magnesium ions (that cause the limescale) from the water. However, that is quite an investment. A water softener is generally advised when the hardness of your water exceeds 14 dH (German degrees). If your water is not too hard, it is better for your back pocket to remove scale from your household appliances from time to time.

Alternative ways of descaling your electric kettle

It goes without saying that HG descaler for appliances has been developed especially to clean and descale your electric kettle. However, you can also try one of the alternative methods that do the rounds on the internet. We looked at a number of different websites and blogs and collected a few.

To remove limescale from your kettle you can use HG, cleaning vinegar or citric acid. HG has been developed specifically for this job and generally produces the best result. The main benefit is that, in contrast to vinegar or lemon, the product is odourless and does not leave any tastes behind. If you use vinegar or lemon, you need to rinse and boil water repeatedly before you have an odourless cup of tea without tasting anything else.

1. Remove limescale from your kettle with cleaning vinegar
Cleaning vinegar is made of natural vinegar, but was processed a little more. Cleaning vinegar has a degreasing and a descaling effect. Pour some water and some cleaning vinegar in the kettle and bring this mixture to the boil. For the best result, leave it to boil for a little while, if your kettle does not switch off automatically. Then throw the solution away and rinse the kettle several times with cold water to prevent any remaining aftertaste or odour. If you have a lot of scale, you may have to repeat this treatment a few times.

2. Remove scale from your kettle with lemon juice
The acid in lemon juice can make your scale disappear. Put the juice of two large lemons in the kettle and fill the kettle to the level of the scale. Switch it on and let the water boil. Now rinse the kettle a few times with cold water.

3. Remove scale from your kettle with cola
Some websites even recommend using cola to descale an electric kettle. The cola also needs to be brought to the boil and be left to boil to obtain the best result. The question is whether this is possible with electric kettles, because they generally switch off automatically as soon as the content has boiled.

With all these alternative methods you need to make sure that your rinse extremely well to prevent any remaining aftertaste or odour.

HG descaler for appliances

Over time all electric kettles suffer from scale and fur up. HG descaler for appliances has been developed especially to remove limescale from kettles quickly and safely. All you need to do is dilute 50ml HG descaler for appliances with 500 ml of water and leave it to work for 40 minutes.

If you have a good tip on how to remove limescale from a kettle, please let us know!

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