How to clean an induction hob? 3 tips for a shiny hob

Relaxed and hygienic cooking starts with a clean induction hob. Induction cooking has several benefits, including the fact that they are easy to clean. Even so, there are a few things you should consider when cleaning an induction hob, like cleaning it without damaging the surface. In this article we share 3 helpful tips and the best products.

Hygienic cooking with a clean induction cooktop

If you use your hob everyday, it can be impossible to avoid food remnants and grease stains, especially if cooking fried food. If dirt is not removed, it can burn into the induction hob and becomes difficult to remove.

Selecting the right products can make an enormous difference to cleaning an induction hob. As well as keeping your kitchen clean, this is also hygienic. Read the tips below to keep your induction hob in top condition and to extend its lifespan.

Cleaning your induction hob with HG for the best results

How to clean an induction hob

HG hob cleaner extra strong is a safe product for removing stubborn grease, dirt, scale and spilled food. You can use this product on all types of induction and ceramic hobs, safely and effectively. The cleaner leaves a fresh fragrance after cleaning. It also leaves a dirt-repellent and shiny film behind.

This is how you use HG hob cleaner extra strong:

  1. Let the hob cool down.
  2. Apply the HG hob cleaner with a cloth.
  3. Rub it properly on the induction hob or the ceramic hob.
  4. Then wipe off the hob with a clean and rinsed-out cloth.
  5. Polish the induction hob with a dry microfiber cloth until the hob shines.

For daily cleaning of all types of induction and ceramic hobs we recommend HG hob cleaner for everyday use. The cleaner removes the remnants of daily cooking after use.

3 tips on how to clean your induction hob

You can clean an induction hob in various ways. However, you should be careful to not scratch the glass surface when you do so. With proper preparation, it can be a quick and easy job. Various tips are shared on the internet. HG randomly selected a number of tips for cleaning an induction hob.How to clean an induction hob

  1. Clean your hob after use

Just after you’ve eaten is the best time to clean an induction hob. Once the hob has cooled down, use a damp cloth to remove any food remnants and stain. This means you can remove any remnants and grease before they solidify and become more difficult to remove. You can then use a clean microfiber cloth for polishing.

  1. Use a special scraper

Use a special scraper to remove dirt. Do not use too much force and keep the scraper at an angle of 45-60 degrees to avoid causing any scratches. Wipe off the hob with water and dry it with a clean microfibre cloth.

  1. Use specially formulated cleaning products like HG

You should avoid using aggressive cleaning products and also be careful with advice on the internet. For example, Cif, soda or lemon can cause scratches, discolouring and other damage to your hob. You should use only lukewarm water, a damp cloth or a product that was developed specifically for cleaning an induction hob. You can try HG hob cleaner and HG hob cleaner extra strong.

If you have any other tips for cleaning your induction hob, feel free to let us know. You can also see how to clean a ceramic hob and how to clean an oven.

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning an induction cooktop surface.

How do I prevent scratches on my induction hob?

Most scratches occur due to cleaning the hob wrongly. To clean the induction hob glass, you should use either a microfibre cloth or a special scraper. Cleaning products with citric acid or soda can scratch the surface. You should also avoid removing food remnants with a knife or a scouring sponge. After cleaning, put the special cover on the hob as extra protection against scratching.

How to clean an induction hob with burnt-on food?

Clean your induction hob immediately after it has cooled down, so that food remnants cannot dry and become tougher to remove. You can also use HG hob cleaner extra strong to remove burnt-on food and grease from your induction hob.

How do you clean an induction hob?

You can clean your induction hob in various ways:

First of all, let the induction hob cool down after using it, then use a damp cloth to remove any food remnants and stains. This reduces the chance of food and grease sticking to the surface. You can then use a clean microfibre cloth for polishing or a special scraper.

However, the most effective way to clean an induction hob is by using a specially formulated product, like HG hob cleaner or HG hob cleaner extra strong.

Which HG product do I use to clean my induction hob?

HG hob cleaner can easily and effectively leave your hob looking as good as new, without damaging the surface. It can remove stubborn grease, dirt, scale and spilled food from all types of induction and ceramic hobs, whilst leaving a fresh fragrance and repelling dirt.

For especially dirty hobs with stubborn stains, you can use HG hob cleaner extra strong.

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