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It is important to descale your Nespresso machine regularly. After a while, limescale will begin to build up because there is calcium in the tap water. This limescale attaches itself to the inside walls and various parts of the Nespresso machine. This of course does not help the functioning or the taste of the coffee! Discover the best ways for Nespresso descaling below.

Why is descaling your Nespresso machine necessary?

nespresso descalingYour Nespresso machine contains a heating element to heat the water and an aluminium frame is attached to that element. Our tap water contains limescale. Limescale build up or boiler scale forms when heating or boiling water.

Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium chlorides, causing a relatively large build up of boiler-scale during heating. When your machine heats the water, calcium chlorides are broken down and then attach themselves to the aluminium frame, causing limescale.

The areas where the water remains standing (in the boiler) get the most limescale. After a while, your Nespresso machine will not function optimally due to this layer of limescale.

Prevent descaling Nespresso machine

Preventing limescale in your Nespresso machine is practically impossible due to the amount of calcium in our tap water. The only solution for decreasing the frequency of your Nespresso descaling is to install a water softener. Water softeners remove calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations so the calcium level is reduced.

But this is no guarantee that you will never have to descale your Nespresso or other coffee machine. And water softeners are rather costly. HG has an effective Nespresso descaling solution for maintaining your expensive coffee machine without a water softener so that it will last for years to come, the HG coffee machine descaler.


How to descale your Nespresso machine?

Nespresso descaling with vinegar

We often hear that you can descale a Nespresso machine with vinegar. Pour a few teaspoons of vinegar with some water in your Nespresso machine and let it drip about halfway through. Turn your machine off for 45 minutes and let the rest drip through. Rinse the Nespresso machine several times well before using it again. Although many people use this method, we strongly advise against it because:

1. It can damage the pipes in the Nespresso machine.
2. It breaks apart the limescale and only removes parts of it. This means descaling with vinegar does not give you the best result.
3. Vinegar remains are difficult to remove from the Nespresso machine. The unpleasant taste and odour of the vinegar will remain in your coffee for quite some time after descaling your Nespresso machine.

Looking for a more reliable solution for descaling your Nespresso machine? Then try one of the solutions from HG developed especially for descaling espresso & pod-coffee machines.

HG is thé solution for Nespresso descaling

HG coffee machine descaler that removes limescale from all types of Nespresso, espresso and pod-coffee machines. With regular use of the HG coffee machine descaler your coffee will continue to taste delicious and your coffee machine will work optimally.  The descaler for espresso & pod-coffee machines based on citric acid is sufficient for cleaning your Nespresso machine 6 times. For descaling standard coffee machines, we recommend HG descaler for appliances.

What are the advantages of descaling a Nespresso machine?

nespresso machine descalingDescaling your Nespresso machine regularly has lots of advantages, including the following:

1. A longer lifespan for your Nespresso machine
2. Better coffee (fuller cups, a rich flavour and the correct temperature)

The limescale build up causes the coffee to flow through the machine more slowly, resulting in less coffee in the cup.
In addition, the water will have less direct contact with the pipes because of the limescale and so the coffee might feel lukewarm.

3. Preventing reparation costs for limescale damage
4. A quieter Nespresso machine

Limescale makes the pipes of the machine narrower, so the Nespresso machine pump has to work harder. This also causes the machine to make more noise.

Do you have a good tip for descaling a Nespresso machine? Let us know!

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