Hygienic toilet cleaning using HG

Need to quickly and hygienically clean your toilet? HG has a variety of products for hygienic cleaning of your complete toilet. There are products for regular hygienic cleaning and a special super strength cleaner for simple removal of more stubborn stains such as urine scale.

And a very important fact: unlike many other power cleaners, this HG super strength cleaner contains no hydrochloric acid! After all, hydrochloric acid will damage the glaze on your toilet bowl. Furthermore, hydrochloric acid gives off vapours that affect and damage the surface of stainless steel and chrome in your bathroom. So choose the safe HG solution instead!

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HG hygienic toilet area cleaner

  • Quick-drying toilet stain remover with a fresh fragrance

HG toilet renovation kit

  • Gives your toilet pan a new lease of life
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