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HG is also the place to be for an interior cleaner, as we have everything you need to clean and maintain your home. We offer a range of products for cleaning, maintaining and protecting your interior. Whether it's the black range that's become dull or the wood burner whose windows are dirty because of soot and tar deposits, HG has an interior cleaner that really works! But also for mirrors and glass tables that have become grubby because of dust, fingerprints or other dirt, HG has a simple and speedy solution.

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Always the right cleaner for the interior!

Always the right cleaner for the interior!

Our product range includes a large number of different interior cleaners to easily, quickly (and of course safely) tackle any cleaning or maintenance problems. Check out our full range of very varied products above, to effectively clean and maintain your interior. You'll always find a suitable interior cleaner for your specific cleaning task in the home.

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