Quick and effective cleaning of laminate using HG

Need to clean your laminate floor? Laminate floors can be quickly and effectively cleaned and protected using the special HG laminate products. There are still plenty of developments in laminate flooring. The quality keeps improving, and some laminate floors come very close to resembling solid wooden floors.

Yet good maintenance is always important, by adding an effective protective layer and regularly cleaning them using the right cleaners. HG offers a variety of special laminate products that both protect, regularly clean and intensively clean your floor.

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HG laminate cleaner extra strong

  • Removes extremely stubborn dirt and grease

HG laminate protector

  • Protects against wear and tear, scratches and other damages

HG laminate cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated floor cleaner

HG laminate cleaner shine restorer

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated floor cleaner

HG: for perfect laminate maintenance.

HG: for perfect laminate maintenance.

HG laminate protective coating gloss finish (HG product 70) is suitable for protecting a laminate floor in which all the seams are fully glued, against wear and tear, scratches and other damage. Regular cleaning of your laminate floor can be done using one of the concentrated HG laminate mopping cleaners, opting for either "simply" mopping (HG product 72) or mopping with laminate gloss cleaner (HG product 73). And if the dirt is really stubborn, HG laminate power cleaner (HG product 74) is the solution for perfect maintenance of your laminate floor. This extremely powerful mopping cleaner not only removes stubborn dirt and grease, but can also be used to strip a protective film.