Natural stone floors at their most beautiful.

Natural stone can discolour, become dull or even damaged. It is important to protect and clean your natural stone floor regularly. Click here for an overview of all our natural stone products.

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HG protective coating gloss finish

  • Protects against wear and damage to top layer

HG power cleaner

  • Removes extremely stubborn dirt and grease

HG natural stone cement & lime film remover

  • Removes cement residue and lime film safely

HG shine restoring cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated mopping cleaner

HG natural stone stain colour remover

  • Removes stains from coffee, tea, wine, cola, etc.

HG polished tile cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated mopping cleaner.

HG impregnating protector

  • Pre-treatment for marble and other types of natural stone