Simply protect, clean and maintain using HG

You can easily protect, clean and maintain all types of synthetic floors using the specially developed HG products. Synthetic floors are becoming more and more popular. Whereas in the past, you only had linoleum or cushion flooring, nowadays you can choose from vinyl, PVC and synthetic cast floors.

The HD products for synthetic floors are suitable for protection, cleaning and nourishing all these various types of synthetics. Think in terms of cleaning vinyl or cushion flooring for example.

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HG protective coating gloss finish

  • Protects against wear and tear, scratches and other damages

HG nourishing gloss cleaner (product 78)

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated mopping cleaner

HG power cleaner

  • Removes extremely stubborn dirt and grease

How do you protect and maintain your floor?

How do you protect and maintain your floor?

The products shown below protect your synthetic floor from wear and damage, allowing you to simply clean and maintain the floor. HG protective coating gloss finish (product 77) is suitable for effectively protecting of all types of synthetic floors from general wear and scratching. For regular cleaning, you choose the HG nourishing gloss cleaner (product 78); a deliciously freshly smelling, concentrated mopping cleaner. And if the dirt is particularly stubborn, HG power cleaner for synthetic floors (product 79) is THE solution. This product can also be used to remove polish or other protective films.