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Need to clean your car? Of course you clean your car using the HG car cleaning products, as we have an extensive range for quick and thorough cleaning of cars, boats and caravans. Our range will always offer a suitable product, for the big clean-up before or after a longer trip, or simply for weekly freshening up.

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HG wheel rim cleaner

  • For shiny clean rims

HG upholstery cleaner

  • Cleans and removes stains

HG car windscreen cleaner

  • For clean streak-free windscreens

HG car wax shampoo

  • This car shampoo provides more shine and protection

HG insect remover

  • Removes even the worst insect stains

Cleaning the car interior and exterior

Cleaning the car interior and exterior

Thanks to the HG car cleaning products, the interior and exterior will soon be spotless again! We not only offer an upholstery cleaner and cockpit sprays to clean the interior but also specific cleaning products for the exterior, including a special car wax shampoo, a chrome polish or a powerful cleaner for your wheels. An effective insect remover is also available, as we can always provide you with the right product for any car, boat or caravan cleaning task!