Cleaning carpets and removing stains using HG

Need to clean your carpet or your settee upholstery? HG offers quality cleaners to remove stains in carpet or upholstery, but also for thorough cleaning. Stop worrying about annoying stains in your carpet, because we have the solution in our range of products shown below.

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Removing stains and dirt from carpet

Removing stains and dirt from carpet

A stain can happen so quickly in your settee upholstery or carpet; a simple accident with a glass of wine during that fun birthday or the shoe polish from your freshly cleaned shoes. In day-to-day life, you may also find generally grubby patches in the carpet caused by dirt being brought in from outdoors. Luckily you can avoid this to some extent by using a good doormat, and vacuuming does help, but in the end it needs a good clean! HG provides the solution with a versatile range of products to clean carpets and rugs.

HG makes carpet cleaning quick and simple

Our stain spray remove stains and dirt from virtually all kinds of textiles, and has a dirt-repellent effect after use. For more stubborn stains caused by coffee or wine, for example, we also offer an extra strong version. For real deep cleaning of carpet, rugs or upholstery, the HG carpet & upholstery cleaner is available in a 500 ml and a 1 litre size. This carpet and upholstery cleaner fills up the uneven fibre surface with a dirt-repellent layer. And has one of your children been playing with chewing gum and it ended up in the carpet? No problem, as the HG chewing gum remover will freeze the chewing gum that's been trodden in. Once hard, it can be easily removed.