Clean and protect all kinds of tiles using HG

Are you looking for an effective way of cleaning and protecting your tiles against wear, dirt and stains? HG not only has a variety of products to easily and effectively clean and protect all kinds of tiles, but also solutions for the grouting.

Whether you're looking to retain the gloss, to restore the natural look, to remove stains from your flagstones or simply want to prevent stains being formed: HG offers a solution for each cleaning and maintenance challenge! Your tiled floor in the bathroom, kitchen or living room can best be cleaned or protected using one of our quality tile products. We have a very wide range, varying from a stain remover or grouting cleaners, to mopping cleaners for regular and easy cleaning.

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Cleaning, protecting and maintaining tiles

Cleaning, protecting and maintaining tiles

Cleaning and maintaining tiles starts as soon as your tiled floor has been laid. After all, the laying process will leave behind cement residue that needs to be removed. This can be done using the special HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover. HG also offers products that protect tiles against scratches, general wear and tear or staining and dirt. And of course also for cleaning. Whether this is the weekly mopping session or the removal of stubborn dirt and grease, cleaning tiles has never been so simple! HG has a specific solution for all types of floor tiles, such as flagstones and ceramic tiles.

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