HG glasses cleanerThé eyeglass cleaner for safe cleaning and degreasing

HG glasses cleanerThé eyeglass cleaner for safe cleaning and degreasing

HG glasses cleaner cleans and degreases greasy and dirty eyeglass lenses easily, without damaging the coating. Our freshly-scented eyeglass cleaner always ensures that your eyewear dries quickly.

  • Clean & dry fast
  • Prevents steaming up
  • Safe for the coating

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Prevent fogged up eyeglasses with our eyeglass cleaner

The HG glasses cleaner is not just an eyeglass lens cleaner, it is also a spectacle lens cleaner that prevents your glasses from fogging up. The eyeglass cleaner spray is suitable for plastic glasses, magnifying glasses and camera lenses. Your glasses will shine like new after using this eyewear cleaner!

How do you use HG glasses cleaner?

Clean your eyeglasses? Follow the steps below to clean your glasses quickly and easily with HG glasses cleaner.

  1. Spray HG glasses cleaner on the glasses and let it work for a few seconds.
  2. Rub the glasses dry with a clean eyeglass cloth or tissue.

HG glasses cleaner

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