How to clean a car? A list with all the tips for this cleaning job

A clean car improves the drive, and is safer too. You can have your car valeted. Or you can go to a car wash. If you clean your car yourself, you save a lot of money. Sometimes it seems quite a job to clean the car. Fortunately we have several convenient tips for cleaning your car on the inside and the outside.

Does HG have a car cleaning kit?

how to clean a car

Would you like to clean your car quickly and easily? HG has many effective products for taking on the entire car. Whether you want to clean the rims, the windscreen or the seats. HG always has an effective product. Look at our page for car products. That makes it a simple job to clean your vehicle from top to bottom.

What do you need to remember when you clean your car?

Before you start on cleaning the car, it is good to prepare properly. That is why we give you tips you can use before you start.

  1. It is better to use a microfibre cloth or glove than a sponge. It prevents scratches. You absolutely do not want that! If you prefer to use a sponge, rinse it regularly so that accumulated sand does not produce scratches.
  2. Put clean water in the bucket regularly. Loose dirt and sand can stay at the bottom. In the end that can get back on the car. 
  3. It is better to wash your car lengthways. Circular motions tend to produce ‘swirls' in the paint. They are circular scratches that show up in full sunlight.
  4. Always clean the rims with a special product, such as HG car wheel rim cleaner.
  5. Would you like to clean the car with a high-pressure jet? You can, but make sure you maintain a distance of 20 centimetres with the nozzle. Otherwise you end up damaging the paint.
  6. To dry the car it is better to use a drying cloth than an ordinary dry cloth.

Phased plan for my car cleaning

car cleaning kit

When you have completed your preparations, you can start the cleaning work. We provide you with a checklist to get your car completely clean.

  1. Start by tidying up the car properly.
  2. Then work on the inside. We have some tips for cleaning the inside. For example for cleaning the dashboard, but also for cleaning the upholstery.
  3. Remove any insects first. You can use HG car insect remover.
  4. Now you can start on the outside. We have tips for cleaning the car without streaks. Or use HG car cleaner and protector.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the windscreen and the windows. Read in our tips how to do this easily. Or use HG car windscreen cleaner.
  6. Clean the wheels and the rims last. Read all our tips for cleaning rims. Or use HG car wheel rim cleaner.

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