How to clean tile floors | Tips for the best way to clean tile floors

A tile floor is often convenient in maintenance and extremely hard-wearing. But when you start cleaning your bathroom tiles or other floor tiles, there are some things to remember. Are you cleaning mat floor tiles? Or an old tiled floor? What type of stone floor do you have? Calciferous stone or ceramic tiles? Have the tiles been impregnated? We provide you with tips for cleaning your tile floor. Your floor stays beautiful for longer.

Cleaning tiles: what types of stone?

How to clean tile floorsStone floors exist in all shapes and sizes. However, for the maintenance of your floor it is important to know what type of floor you have. Particularly as tile floors and natural-stone floors are sometimes thought to be the same. For natural stone you need to make sure it is not calciferous. If it is, you need to make sure you use the right products. Often they are calciferous, and it is better to use special products. In this article you can read how you clean tiled floors or non-calciferous natural stone. There is little difference between quarry tiles and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

With HG you can clean all types of floor tiles

It is easy to clean your tiled floor with HG. We have a suitable product for all types of tiled floors. For example, you always have the right product for cleaning your quarry tiles or ceramic or porcelain tiles.

  1. HG tile cleaner
    • HG tile cleaner is a regular-use product for cleaning your floor tiles. With one bottle, you can mop your tiled floor up to 40 times. Ideal for cleaning mat floor tiles.
  2. HG tile cleaner shine restorer
    • With HG tile cleaner shine restorer you can clean floor tiles and restore the shine immediately.
  3. HG tile cleaner streak free
    • Do you want to mop a glossy tiled floor? With HG tile cleaner streak free it is easy to clean a glossy floor.
  4. HG tile cleaner extra strong
    • HG tile cleaner extra strong removes even the most stubborn dirt from tiles. This product can also be used in a scrubbing machine to mop a tiled floor. Ideal for cleaning old tiled floors or dirty quarry tiles.
  5. HG grout cleaner
    • With HG grout cleaner you can clean grout in tiled floors. Cleaning the grout in tiles has never been so easy.
  6. If you have a natural-stone floor, take a look at our products for natural stone.
  7. Complete the following steps to clean your tile floor with one of our daily cleaners (NB: the directions for our tile cleaner extra strong and grout cleaner are different):
    • Dissolve the amount stated on the label in half a bucket (5 l) of warm water.
    • Mop the floor with a properly wrung-out mop or floor cloth, regularly rinsing it in the solution.
    • Do not rinse or mop dry, simply leave the floor to dry on its own.

Which other products can you use to clean your floor tiles, which are best to avoid?

best way to clean tile floorsWould you like to clean your tiled floor by using something else first? There are alternative products for mopping your tile floor. They work less well than the HG products. There are also some cleaning products that are better not to use for cleaning floor tiles or quarry tiles.

1. Clean floor tiles with soda

You can clean your floor tiles with soda. Be careful with the amount. Cleaning floor tiles with soda is best done with 1 or 2 spoonfuls in a bucket. If you use more soda to clean your tiled floor, you may end up with a white film or it may look patchy. It is also more difficult to leave your tiled floor without streaks when you use soda.

2. Clean tiled floors with soft household soap

Besides soda it is also possible to clean your tiled floor with soft household soap. However, it is really suitable for smaller tiles. Do you have large tiles and you clean your tiled floor with soft household soap? There is a chance that visible streaks remain due to a greasy layer. You notice those less with smaller tiles. However, be careful that you don't add too much to the water when you clean your tiled floor with soft household soap.

3. How to clean tile floors with vinegar

Do you want to clean your tiled floor with vinegar or cleaning vinegar? You can! It is also effective against scale and grease. However, if you clean your floor with vinegar it does leave its smell. 

4. Cleaning a tiled floor with ammonia

Ammonia is fairly aggressive. However, you can clean your floor tiles with ammonia by mixing water with ammonia,

5. Cleaning tiles with a steam cleaner

You can clean your floor tiles with a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner is quite an investment for cleaning your tiled floor.

There are some products that are better not to use. For example, it is better not to clean your tiles with an all-purpose cleaner. If you clean your tiled floor with an all-purpose cleaner, a film remains. Over time, this makes your floor dull.

Tips for cleaning floor tiles

Whatever product you use to clean your tiled floors, there are some convenient tips for cleaning tiled floors.

  1. Use the right product. HG has a suitable product for every floor. It is better not to use soft household soap on mat floor tiles. There are often streaks if you use it for glossy tiles. For glossy tiles, you can add a shine product that you would use for the dishwasher.
  2. Use the right amount of cleaning product. Cleaning floor tiles should be done with the right of amount of cleaning product. If you use too much cleaning product to clean the tiled floor, some stays behind on the floor. This means streaks remain after you cleaned the floor tiles. Not enough cleaning product means the floor does not end up clean. Scale can also stay behind whilst you clean your tiled floor, and that also produces streaks.
  3. So do not use too much water when you clean your tiles. If you mop your floor tiles with too much water, water remains. So wring out your mop properly when you clean the floor. It is also better to open a window. The floor dries quicker after cleaning.
  4. Use a good mop to clean your floor tiles. An old mop often means too much water stays behind on the floor. They also leave the floor less clean of course.

How to clean floor tile grout

Tiled floors often have grout. The grout between the tiles also needs cleaning of course. That can often be done whilst mopping the tiled floor itself. Is your grout extremely dirty? Look at our tips for cleaning grout between the tiles

Best way to deep clean tile floors: an action plan

You're going to clean your floor tiles. It is best to use a set pattern.

1. Tidy up and vacuum

Before you start cleaning tiles, you need to tidy up, vacuum and remove loose dirt. That means dust, dirt and hair do not stick to the mop.

2. Make a cleaning solution

Then you can make a cleaning solution with clean water and the product of choice for cleaning the floor.

3. Mop the tile floor

Then you can mop the floor. Make sure you rinse and wring out the mop regularly.

4. Dry tiled floor

After cleaning the floor tiles, they need to dry. Just leave them to air dry. 

If you have a good tip for cleaning tiled floors, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning tile floors

What types of tiled floors are there?

There are many types of tiled floors. Quarry tiles and ceramic and porcelain tiles are more or less the same. Make sure you don't have natural stone. 

How to clean bathroom floor tiles?

You can clean quarry tiles or ceramic or porcelain tiles with:

  • Soda
  • Soft household soap
  • Cleaning vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Steam cleaner 

Do not use an all-purpose cleaner for cleaning floor tiles

What are the tips for cleaning floor tiles?

You can do the following when you clean the tiled floor

  • Use the right product. 
  • Use the right amount of cleaning product. 
  • Do not use too much water when you clean your tiles.
  • Use a good mop to clean your floor tiles.

Which steps do I take to clean floor tiles

You can clean floor tiles with the following steps:

  • Tidy up and vacuum
  • Make a cleaning solution
  • Mop the tile floor
  • Dry tiled floor

Which HG product do I use to clean my tiled floor?

HG has a suitable product for cleaning every type of tiled floor:

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