6 tips for how to clean windows

Window washing requires some practice with the squeegee and a chamois. The right cleaning windows tips also help with washing your windows. HG provides 6 tips for effortlessly removing dirt from your windows, so you can enjoy the view again.

HG window cleaner: a window cleaner for clean windows without streaks

window washing

HG window cleaner concentrate complies with the cleaning requirements of professional window cleaners. HG window cleaner is a super concentrated product: it cleans intensively, degreases the windows and it does not leave any streaks. The product is PH neutral. This means that it doesn't affect the frames and it is mild for the skin. HG window cleaner is extremely economical in use and is sufficient for washing your windows at least 35 times.

How do you use HG window cleaner:

  1. Add 15 ml of HG window cleaner to half a bucket of lukewarm water.
  2. Wash the windows with circular motions to achieve the best result.
  3. Use a squeegee to dry in overlapping strokes.
  4. Dry the squeegee with a clean cloth after every stroke.
    • Use undiluted HG window cleaner when your windows are extremely dirty. Apply a small amount of the product to a sponge and dab onto the dirty area. Leave the product to work and then wipe off with water.
  5. You can also use this product undiluted on particularly dirty windows. Just apply a small amount to a sponge and dab onto the dirty area, then leave the product to settle and wipe off using water.

Prevent persistent deposits on windows

Windows have quite a lot to endure on the inside and the outside. They become dirty with dust, grease, smoke, insects and bird droppings. Clean your windows at least four times a year as an easy way to prevent damage.

When windows are left dirty for too long, a deposit forms on the pane. This deposit looks like the scale in the shower and is difficult to remove. The dirt also affects the paint on the window frames. Fortunately there are products that remove the dirt from your windows and the frames without leaving streaks on your windows.

6 tips for washing windows

How to clean windows

The content of the soapy water, the tools and the way you wash your windows contribute to cleaning your windows streak free. Various tips are shared on the internet, including how to clean windows with vinegar HG selected a random number of tips that could help to prevent deposit on your windows.

1. Use the right products in your soapy water
Warm water is the main component of your soapy water. Cleaning windows DIY tips suggest that there are a number of DIY products you can add to clean your windows without streaks:

  • Onion: quarter a raw onion and add it to the warm water.
  • Washing-up liquid: add a small dash of washing-up liquid to your water.
    The soapy water should not foam too much, as this causes streaks.
  • Cleaning vinegar: add a tablespoon of white vinegar to your water.
    Do not use too much vinegar, because it irritates the skin.

Do not wash your windows with soft household soap. This is a greasy cleaning product and is sure to leave streaks on your windows. We advise against dishwasher shine, because a small amount is enough to cause skin irritation. Avoid methylated spirits and ammonia. Over time, methylated spirits cause a blue, greasy film on your windows. Ammonia affects the paint on the window frames. 

2. Wash your windows with a clean sponge or mop applicator
With a mop applicator or a clean sponge you soak the dirt from the windows. Immerse the sponge or the mop applicator in the soapy water, squeeze it out and wash the windows from the top to the bottom. Do not push too hard on the sponge or the mop applicator, because that causes scratches.

When the windows are high up, you can use a telescopic pole for the mop applicator. A ladder or kitchen steps also help to reach difficult corners. Make sure that you put your ladder or steps on a level surface and that they are safely and firmly placed.

3. Clean and dry the window frames
After you have dried the windows, you clean and dry the frames. Immerse a sponge in the water. Squeeze it until it no longer drips and wipe the frame. This prevents drips from running over the windows during or after drying. 

4. Use a quality squeegee
The main cause of streaks on the windows is a poor squeegee. So always use a sturdy squeegee with rubber that glides smoothly over the window without streaks.

5. Dry the windows with a specific pattern
You dry the windows without streaks by using an s-shaped movement. Below is an example for right-handed people. If you are left-handed, you start on the right.

  • Use a cloth to remove the dust from the squeegee.
  • Put the right tip of the squeegee against the window frame on the left at ¾ of the window. Create a 45-degree angle with the squeegee.
  • Pull the right tip of the squeegee in one fluid motion to the top left corner.
  • Pull the squeegee to the top right corner.
  • Pull the squeegee down and in this movement, turn it 90 degrees so that the right tip ends up in the right bottom corner.
  • Repeat the process for the next section.

6. How to clean windows outside: clean your windows in the shade or in the rain
Direct sunlight means that the water on the windows dries too quickly. This creates streaks and water stains. Clean your windows in the shade. You can also clean your windows in the rain. As rain is without minerals or scale, it dries without streaks and does not impact the end result

How to clean your window frames

Once you have cleaned and dried your windows, you can do the same to your windows frames. Soak a sponge in the soapy water and squeeze so it doesn’t drip. This stops excess moisture from going onto the window. You can then wipe your frames clean. In this article you'll find more information on how to clean your window frames.

If you’ve tried using home remedies like soapy water and vinegar which haven’t done the trick, you should try using HG for clear, streakless windows.

If you have a good tip on how to clean windows, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about window cleaning

How often should I clean my windows?

You should clean your windows atleast four times a year. This way you can avoid persistent deposits from forming on the glass window and window frames.

How do I clean windows without streaks?

The content of the soapy water, the tools and the way you wash your windows contribute to cleaning your windows without streaks.

  • Mix an onion, washing-up liquid, cleaning vinegar or HG window cleaner with lukewarm water.
  • Wash your windows with a clean sponge or mop applicator.
  • Clean and dry the window frames.
  • Use a good-quality squeegee.
  • Dry the windows with an s-shaped motion.
  • Wash your windows in the shade or in the rain.

Which HG product do I use to wash windows?

You can use HG window cleaner concentrate for a professional result without streaks. The product cleans intensively, degreases the windows and it does not leave any streaks. It is also PH neutral, meaning it won’t affect your window frames or irritate your skin. HG window cleaner is also economical. You’ll be able to wash your windows at least 35 times in an average sized home.

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