Leather care - How to condition your leather sofa or chair

Leather sofa care is important to enjoying your leather sofa or chair for as long as possible. Leather is a natural product. This means it can dry out. Therefore it is important to treat leather. By treating leather, you prevent damage and your leather furniture stays beautiful for longer. HG provides tips for aniline leather care and for the maintenance of your leather sofa and other furniture.

Why is leather maintenance important?

Leather is strong and durable and has a tough look. No wonder it is a popular material for sofas, chairs, car seats and other furniture, but also for suitcases, bags and clothing.

Leather is a living material and it can dry out. Daily use also has an impact on the leather. For example pets on the leather sofa or chair. Denim can also stain leather.

It is important to maintain your leather sofa properly, ideally a few times a year. By caring for and nourishing leather, you prevent your leather furniture from drying out. It ensures your expensive and beautiful leather furniture will last longer.

Maintain leather with HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner

how to condition leatherIt is best to condition a leather sofa or chair with a special product. HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner is the best way to maintain leather. HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner is suitable for aniline and scumbled leather. It cleans and nourishes the leather. 

It means your leather sofa, chair or other leather furniture made of these leather types stays supple. HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner also protects against dirt, stains and perspiration, and it enhances the colour and structure of the leather. It guarantees a long lifespan for your leather furniture.

Do you have a stain on the leather? You can use HG deep cleaner for leather to clean the leather.

Follow the steps below for the correct use of HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner.

  1. Grimy leather or leather that has been treated, should be cleaned thoroughly with HG deep cleaner for leather first.
  2. Allow the cleaned surfaces to dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Apply HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner to a cloth or sponge and gently rub it into the material.
  4. After about 10 minutes polish with a soft cloth, without using any pressure.
  5. You are left with perfectly cleaned and nourished leather.

Recognise different types of leather for leather maintenance

First of all it is important to determine which type of leather it is before you start the treatment. There are many different types of leather. They all need a different type of leather care. Furniture is generally made of aniline or scumbled leather. 

Be sure it is not suede or nubuck. These sensitive leather types need special treatment. Suede and nubuck are sanded leather types and easy to recognise by the hair. Below you can read how you can recognise other leather types.

1. Aniline leather 

You can clearly see the scars on aniline leather. As the leather has only been treated with a dye bath, it is vulnerable. You can find out whether your sofa, chair or other furniture is aniline leather by pressing a wet thumb on the leather. Is the wet spot still partly visible after 10 seconds? Then it is likely to be aniline leather.

leather care2. Scumbled leather 

Scumbled leather is most commonly used. Particularly for furniture, such as sofas and chairs. Scumbled leather is treated comprehensively and therefore stronger than the other leather types.

To be certain that you are dealing with scumbled leather, press a wet thumb on the leather. Is the wet spot no longer visible after 10 seconds? There is a good chance that you have scumbled leather.

Tips for how to condition leather bags and furniture

HG 4 in 1 leather cleaner is the solution for maintaining leather. There are also many DIY products. Be careful! There are many different types of leather and they all need their own specific type of leather maintenance.

Do you want to know how to condition leather furniture?

Read the tips below for aniline leather care and for scumbled leather. HG cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the tips.

1. Aniline leather 

Aniline leather can discolour quickly. Try to position an aniline leather sofa or chair away from direct sunlight. Maintain aniline leather by wiping it with a soft cloth. For larger furniture, you can vacuum it with the brush of the vacuum cleaner. You can also condition the leather with baby oil. Try this first in an inconspicuous place. For aniline leather it is essential to check that the oil does not damage the leather.

2. Scumbled leather 

Scumbled leather is stronger than the other leather types. You can maintain this leather with a clean and damp chamois. You can also condition the sofa or chair with baby oil. Although scumbled leather is less sensitive, it is still wise to check first by rubbing some oil in an inconspicuous place.

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