How to clean UPVC window frames | Clean plastic window frames with 4 tips

PVC is one of the most weather-resistant materials. Not surprising that may people go for UPVC window frames. They insulate better than wooden frames, are easy to maintain, and they are available in all shapes and sizes. However, you do need to clean those frames to keep them beautiful. Otherwise they can become yellow or mouldy. Particularly on the outside of the facade. Do you want to know how to remove mould from upvc window frames? We provide you with a few convenient tips on how to clean UPVC window frames.

Why and when do we clean UPVC window frames?

cleaning-upvc-window-framesPlastic is really maintenance-friendly and does not break easily, but it does get dirty. White UPVC window frames in particular can become yellow or black, because of cooking or smoking. On the outside because of build up of dirt, exhaust fumes or the weather. By cleaning plastic window frames regularly, you avoid having to start on cleaning mouldy or yellow PVC window frames. That is often more difficult. Do you clean the windows? Combine cleaning your window frames with cleaning the windows. Otherwise sand and dirt can enter into the frames. Generally it is a good idea to clean your UPVC window frames at least twice a year.

With HG you can even clean mouldy or yellow uPVC frames.

best way to clean upvc window framesDo you wonder how to remove black mould from UPVC window frames? With HG UPVC cleaner you can clean any type of uPVC surface without it becoming dull. Even cleaning UPVC window frames with black stripes is a piece of cake. Like cleaning yellow frames. It is best to use our cleaner regularly, so that the frames always continue to shine. It is also biodegradable and really easy to use in the spray bottle.

This is how you use HG UPVC cleaner to clean window frames:

Complete the following steps to clean your window frames.

  1. Spray HG UPVC cleaner on a clean cloth and use it to clean the plastic or spray it straight onto the surface.
  2. Leave to work just a little while and then wipe it off with a cloth.

Cleaning plastic frames with 3 alternative products

HG UPVC cleaner is the quickest and easiest way to clean UPVC. UPVC is a fairly strong material, so you can clean it with other products. That takes a little more time sometimes. You use these products at your own risk.

1. Clean UPVC with washing-up liquid

You can clean UPVC with a mixture of warm water and washing-up liquid. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the window frames with the warm soapy water. It will not work so well on stubborn marks. 

2. Clean UPVC with an all-purpose cleaner

Instead of using washing-up liquid, you can add a little all-purpose cleaner to the water. Again you can remove small amounts of dirt from the UPVC with a microfibre cloth or a sponge. All-purpose cleaner will not remove black stripes or yellow stains very easily.

3. Cleaning UPVC with vinegar

Vinegar is often seen as the environmentally friendly all-rounder. You can clean UPVC window frames with a few cups of vinegar. However, this will only work with green deposits. Other dirt will not be removed with vinegar 

What should you not use for UPVC window frames

Despite the fact that UPVC can take a knock, you have to be really careful with a couple of standard cleaning products. We have listed them for you:

1. Never clean UPVC window frames with ammonia or other aggressive products

Never clean UPVC with aggressive products, such as naphtha benzine, acetone, ammonia, chlorine or methylated spirits. These products are too aggressive for UPVC. Using those products can damage your window frames. 

2. Do not use scouring products

Never use scouring agents to clean UPVC window frames, as they scratch the surface. Scouring agents and scouring pads are best left in the cupboard when you clean UPVC.

3. Never clean UPVC with a steam cleaner

You should never use steam cleaners to clean UPVC. The steam produces white marks on the UPVC that cannot be removed and damage the material irreparably. 

4. Don't clean UPVC with a dry cloth

Don't clean UPVC with a dry cloth either. Always use a damp cloth or make sure the UPVC is damp, otherwise you end up with scratches.

If you have a good tip on how to clean UPVC window frames, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to remove yellow stains from UPVC window frames

How do I clean plastic window frames?

For small amounts of dirt on the uPVC, you can use the following products:

  • Washing-up liquid
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Vinegar (only works for green deposits)

What should I not use to clean UPVC window frames?

Plastic is strong, but you should never use the following products to clean UPVC: 

  • Aggressive products, such as ammonia, chlorine or methylated spirits
  • Scouring products, such as scouring agents or scouring pads
  • Steam cleaner
  • Dry cloths; always clean PVC when it's damp

How to clean white UPVC or plastic window frames? Which HG product should I use?

With HG UPVC cleaner or HG all plastic cleaner you can clean any type of UPVC or plastic surface without it becoming dull.

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