Do you need to clean a chandelier? 4 tips for a sparkling result

Cleaning your glass or crystalchandelier yourselfwould seem like a tricky job, but not with these tips! A chandelier looks at its best when it’s been polished and it sparkles, but what is the best way to clean chandelier crystals? We list the most effective methods for cleaning your class or crystal chandelier. With the right products, your chandelier will sparkle.

How do you keep a chandelier as clean as possible?

It is important to clean your chandelier. It is even better to keep your chandelier as clean as possible. There are various tips for keeping the chandelier as clean as possible:

1. Ventilate the room

Ventilate the room every day, because this prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust. Dirt and dust end up on the chandelier too, making it dull.

2. Clean the floor

Clean the floor weekly. Dirt on the floor can end up in the air and on your chandelier.

3. Avoid dirty air

A chandelier near the kitchen is not a good idea. It won't take long before the grease from cooking is on your chandelier. Smoking inside also produces deposits on your chandelier.

4. Dust your chandelier

Dust your chandelier once a week. Do it carefully with a feather duster. Possibly use a product to make your chandelier antistatic, so it attracts less dirt.

Do you need to clean a chandelier: 3 DIY tips

HG chandelier cleaner removes dirt, soot and other deposits thoroughly and without streaks. Various tips are shared on the internet, and you can try those to clean your glass or crystal chandelier. HG selected a number of tips.

Remember, these are DIY tips. These methods are no guarantee for success. Would you like to clean your chandelier safely? Use HG chandelier cleaner.

how to clean the chandelier1. Clean a chandelierwith soap and distilled water

When you clean a crystal chandelierwith distilled lukewarm water, you do not have to dry the crystal parts. The water dries, but does not leave any scale behind.

  1. Switch off the electricity and put a sheet on the floor.
  2. Mix distilled water and 1 drop of washing-up liquid.
  3. Use a clean microfibre cloth.
  4. Moisten the cloth and wring it out properly.
  5. Rub the parts clean with care.

2. Clean a chandelier by hand

Cleaning your chandelierby hand is quite a job. This cleaning method is only recommended for small chandeliers that can be taken apart:

  1. Switch off the electricity.
  2. Remove all the parts from the chandelier.
  3. Mix distilled water and a few drops of ammonia.
  4. Wash the components.
  5. Rinse the parts in distilled water with a shine agent.
  6. Rub the parts dry with a chamois or a microfibre cloth.

3. Cleaning a chandelierunder the shower

NB: this only works for chandeliers without vulnerable parts.

  1. Switch off the electricity.
  2. Remove your chandelier from the ceiling.
  3. Remove the bulbs and cover the fittings with a plastic bag.
  4. Carefully put the chandelier in the shower cubicle.
  5. Spray the chandelier with an all-purpose cleaner.
  6. Rinse the chandelier under the shower.

Now carefully dry the chandelier.

HG chandelier cleaner for more sparkle

how to clean crystal chandelierLaboriously cleaning chandeliers by hand is no longer necessary with our chandelier cleaner. Regular use of HG chandelier cleaner also prevents the chandelier from becoming very dirty.

Our special chandelier cleaning can be used for glass, plastic, and crystal chandeliers and fittings. It makes light work of cleaning a chandelierand produces a sparkling result.

This is how you use HG chandelier cleaner to clean your chandelier:

  1. Cover the floor and/or the furniture before cleaning.
  2. Liberally spray the difficult to reach places.
  3. Let the dirt drip from the chandelier.
    • For more information about the product, and how you can clean a chandelier, visit our product page: HG chandelier cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning a chandelier

How do you keep a chandelier as clean as possible?

There are various tips for keeping the chandelier as clean as possible.

  1. Ventilate the room every day.
  2. Clean the floor weekly.
  3. Avoid dirty air.
  4. Dust your chandelier once a week.

Are there products I should avoid if I want to clean the chandelier?

You should never clean your crystal chandelierwith aggressive cleaning products. Particularly avoid products based on lemon. They are too aggressive and affect the crystal, which means yourlamp sparkles less.

How do I clean the chandelier?

HG chandelier cleaner removes dirt, soot and other deposits thoroughly and without streaks. You can also try with distilled water and washing-up liquid or ammonia or in the shower with an all-purpose cleaner.

Which HG product can I use to clean the chandelier?

You can clean chandeliers withHG chandelier cleaner. Our special chandelier cleaner can be used for glass, plastic, fittings and crystal chandeliers.

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