How to clean a house: what’s involved in spring-cleaning?

Once every so often it has to be done: spring-cleaning. House cleaning produces space and freshness in your house and in your head. It's quite a job, as you need to clean the whole house. It's also a job that produces enormous satisfaction once you're finished. Whilst deep cleaning a house, you’ll be a lot more thorough and you have a clean house to show for it. House cleaning: what needs to be done? Is there a house cleaning checklist?

General house cleaning tips

As every household is different, it's not so easy to come up with a standard deep cleaning a house checklist. The following tips apply to tidying up and cleaning your house. Not just to cleaning your house quickly, they apply to thorough house cleaning too:

  • The golden rule for cleaning a house is: clean from top to bottom. This rule applies to the house as a whole and to each room individually. 
  • Work well begun is half done. Make sure you have the right cleaning products and materials before you start cleaning. For example, a ladder, bucket, mop, sponges etc and enough cleaning products too. Check what you have in the way of materials and stuff. A wooden floor is not cleaned in the same way as a laminate one. Natural stone in the bathroom needs different products than tiles.
  • Take your time. 
  • Open all the windows during cleaning. 
  • Tackle one thing at a time. If you want to clean the cupboards, don't empty them all at the same time. 
  • Work room by room.
  • Ask for help, because teamwork is the answer when you clean a house.

Cleaning the bathroom

It is perfectly possible to clean the bathroom in your house in 15 minutes. But...your bathroom can do with a deep clean from time to time. Besides the action plan for cleaning your bathroom, which we have written about before, there are things you should not forget during spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning is the perfect opportunity to deal with the following jobs:

  • Clean your hairbrush and comb. Don't forget your make-up brushes, because cleaning brushes regularly will kill bacteria and prevent skin problems. 
  • Descale the shower head properly by unscrewing it from the hose.
  • Wash your shower curtain if you have one.
  • Clean your shower cubicle properly
  • Clean the toilet thoroughly and remove any brown stains.
  • Clean the grouting

Do you have mould in the bathroom? Here you can read our tips for the quicky and easy way to remove mould in the bathroom.

Cleaning the bedroom

A clean bedroom looks more attractive but is also better for your health. As we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, spring-cleaning the bedroom should not be skipped on your house cleaning schedule. For example:

  • Wash duvets and pillows.
  • Wash the curtains.
  • Clean the mattress.
  • Remove stains from your mattress.
  • Tidy up all the drawers and cupboards.
  • Vacuum the floor and, yes, under the bed too.

Cleaning the kitchen

We produced an action plan for cleaning the kitchen before. Your kitchen could do with an annual spring-clean. When you spring-clean the kitchen, you could:

  • Start by throwing away everything that is past the expiry date, such as tinned food, herbs, dry goods, food in the fridge. That creates room in your storage cupboards and the fridge. Don't forget to clean the inside of your cupboards, the fridge and the freezer. Remember to clean the rubber seals.
  • Throw unnecessary stuff on the worktop away. You will have your precious space back. 
  • Clean the filters of your cooker hood
  • Clean your dishwasher
  • Clean the oven and the microwave on the inside. Here you can read more about how to clean your oven.

Do you have a stainless-steel kitchen? Use these tips to clean stainless steel.

Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most important household jobs. Most likely you clean the toilet regularly anyway, possibly even by using our tips for cleaning a toilet. However, you cannot and should not skip the toilet when you spring-clean your house. Often things, such as the lamp, any mats, the bin, the walls, the pipes and the underside of the toilet are skipped when we give the toilet a quick clean. During spring-cleaning it is important to do the regular jobs, and to clean these things.

Cleaning the floors and the walls of your house

Chances are that you regularly clean the floor when you clean your house. But do you always include the walls or the ceilings in your house? If the answer is ‘no’, you can include the walls and ceilings on your house cleaning list. On this page you find lots of tips for cleaning floors and walls, such as cleaning the carpet, grouting and oiling a wooden floor. 

If you’re working on the walls anyway, remember to clean the internal doors and their frames to deep clean your house.

Thorough house cleaning checklist

To help you with your house cleaning schedule, we have produced a convenient checklist for all the rooms in a house.












Cupboards and drawers




Descale shower head


Shower cubicle


Tiles and grout







Change bedding




Tidy up cupboards


Clean curtains


Vacuum cleaning



Tidy and clean the fridge


Cooker hood


Cupboards and drawers


Tiles and grout


Cooker and gas burners










Descale a coffee machine


Clean the worktop


Vacuum cleaning





Tiles and grout


Toilet pan


Toilet seat







If you have a good tip for how to clean your house, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to keep a house clean

How to clean a house properly?

Take a look at our checklist for spring-cleaning, so that you don't forget any area.

How often should you clean your house?

It is nice to spring-clean once a year.

Where do I start spring-cleaning?

When you want to clean the whole house, there is an important rule. Start at the top. That applies to the house as a whole and to each of the rooms. So if your house has several floors, start at the top; in each room you also work from top to bottom.

Which products do I need for thorough house cleaning?

Besides standard stuff, such as steps, buckets, sponges, cloths and mops, it is good to look at the cleaning products you need. That really depends on the appliances you want to clean and the types of materials you have in your home. Natural stone or tiles, for example. Parquet or laminate... HG has a suitable product for every job.

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