How to get rid of black mould. 6 tips on how to remove black mould in the house

There are various species of black mould. This generally refers to a mould type that is toxic. Long-term exposure to this mould can cause irritations to the airways, eyes and various other complications. Therefore it is important to prevent and remove mould in the house. In this article we share a number of tips.

The cause of black mould in a house

Unfortunately, just like other mould types, black mould flourishes in damp conditions. It often occurs in bathrooms, kitchens and even in bedrooms. This may have various causes, including rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, or a leak. Black mould also ends up on walls due to poor ventilation or a lack of sunlight. When mould has nutrients together with one or more of the above causes, it will spread quickly.

Cleaning black mould: 5 DIY products

Various DIY products do the round on the internet as ways of getting rid of black mould in a house. HG selected a number of tips. These tips are no guarantee for success. If you want an effective mould cleaner? Use HG mould remover foam spray

how to get rid of black mould1. Soda

You can scrub away the black stains with a mixture of soda and water. Prepare a solution of 1 litre of water and a spoonful of soda. You can use this to remove the black mould on the wall.

2. Bleach

Dissolve 250 ml of bleach in a bucket of water. Apply the solution to the black stains and leave it to absorb properly. Then you can scrub it away carefully. 

3. Detergent

This method is particularly suitable for glass, tiled and other non-porous surfaces. It does not kill the black mould, but washing the mould away is just as effective. You can remove it from the bathroom in this way.

4. Ammonia

You can also use ammonia to try and remove the mould. However, this product can only be used on glass or tiled surfaces, because it is an aggressive product. Porous surfaces, such as wood, are less suitable for treatment with ammonia because it affects the surface.

5. Cleaning vinegar

Prepare a solution of water and vinegar and apply it to the black patches. Are the patches badly covered with black mould? You can use the vinegar neat. 

There are quicker and more effective methods! With HG mould remover foam spray you destroy mould in damp places, indoors, or outdoors, within 30 minutes.

HG mould remover foam spray: the effective black mould treatment

black mould removalHG mould remover foam spray has a unique foam formula, which means the foam stays longer and it produces a better and longer effect. This product has a less penetrating odour, it can be trained even more precisely on the mould and splashes less too of course. 

This is how you use HG mould remover foam spray:

  1. Spray the surface from a distance of 3 to 5 cm.
  2. Leave the product to work for 30 minutes.
  3. Clean with water and a sponge.
    • Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

2 tips for preventing black mould in the house

Prevention is often better than the cure. That is certainly true for mould. There are various precautions you can take to prevent mould in the house. 

1. Ventilate regularly

Ventilation is important in a damp environment. Open a door or a window and air the room properly. It is also good to leave ventilation grills in the room open. 

2. Pay extra attention to wet rooms

For wet rooms, such as a bathroom, ventilation is particularly important. Mould grows faster in wet rooms, increasing the chance of nuisance. To prevent black patches, open the windows after showering so the damp can escape from the room. It can also help to dry the room by drying the walls for example. If you don’t have a window in this room? Then it's best to leave the door of the bathroom open after showering.

Frequently Asked Questions about mould removal

Why do I have trouble with black mould?

Black mould is caused by damp conditions. This may have various causes, including rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation or a leak.

How can I get rid of black mould?

There are various DIY products you can use to remove black mould. For example, soda, bleach, detergent, ammonia and cleaning vinegar. You can remove the mould effectively with a special spray, such as HG mould remover foam spray

Which HG product do I use to remove mould?

HG mould remover foam spray destroys mould in damp places, indoors or outdoors, within 30 minutes. The spray has a unique foam formula, which means the foam stays longer and it produces a better and longer effect.

How can I prevent black mould?

As with other types of moulds, regular ventilation of the rooms in the house is important to prevent black mould. Pay particular attention to wet rooms, such as the bathroom.

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