How to clean a glass table or a mirror? The best way to clean mirrors and glass with these 4 tips

It's not always easy to clean mirrors or glass. Particularly if you don't want streaks. Or when you don't want to leave a sheen. But streak-free mirrors are more comfortable. Everyone looks in the mirror on a daily basis. And it's better when you can see yourself clearly.

We also like to keep glass coffee tables, interior doors or display cabinets free from marks. Marks on glass are clearly visible and detract from the beauty of your glass furniture or reduce the view through your glass doors. HG provides 4 tips for the best way to clean windows and mirrors without streaks.

Reasons why you have to clean glass and mirrors

Mirrors and glass become dirty very quickly. How quickly depends on the room where the mirror hangs or where the glass furniture is. A mirror in the bathroom fogs up quickly and is to prone to being covered in soap residues or you find yourself cleaning hairspray off mirrors. Mirrors in other places also end up with a greasy sheen, and you need to clean the mirror.

Glass coffee tables, doors and display cabinets show up with greasy finger prints, because grease readily adheres to glass. Dust, cooking vapours and other dirt also stick to glass surfaces. Spilling something on a glass coffee table is easily done. In those situations you need to clean your glass coffee table immediately.

Cleaning the wrong way also leaves streaks on a mirror or glass. Mirrors and glass can end up with a permanent sheen or become dull. Therefore it is important to clean your mirrors and glass regularly.  

Streak-free mirror and glass cleaning with HG glass & mirror cleaner

With HG glass and mirror cleaner it is quick to clean a mirror without leaving streaks. This product is ideal for cleaning mirrors and other types of glass surfaces quickly. It will also remove grease from mirrors and glass. That prevents your mirrors and glass from becoming dull. It is suitable for all types of glass and mirrors. You can clean your mirrors and glass in no time. It is easy to use HG glass and mirror cleaner.

cleaning mirror and glass

How to clean a glass dining table without leaving streaks? Or the windows? Use HG window cleaner concentrate.  

This is how you use HG glass and mirror cleaner for a clean and streak-free result:

  1. Spray a moderate amount of HG glass and mirror cleaner on the glass or mirror. 
  2. Wipe away with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen towel and possibly dry with a squeegee.

How do you clean a glass table: 3 DIY tips

HG glass and mirror cleaner is the easiest way to clean mirrors and glass. Would you prefer to try the DIY products first? No problem! HG provides 3 tips for the best way to clean a mirror in the bathroom HG cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these tips. These tips often require a knack to obtain a streak-free result.

1. Clean glass or a mirror with washing-up liquid 

    • Mix some washing-up liquid with warm water. 
    • Wipe the dirt from the mirror or the glass with a sponge. 
    • Dry with a dry microfibre cloth or kitchen roll. Do not use a damp cloth. A damp cloth is more likely to leave streaks. 
    • You can also use a wodge of newspaper to make the glass even more streak-free.

2. Vinegar to clean windows and mirrors 

    • Mix three cups of white vinegar with three cups of water.
    • Use a plant spray bottle to spray the mixture on the glass surface.
    • Wipe off with a dry cloth, kitchen roll or newspaper.

3. Clean glass or a mirror with onion and potatoes. 

    • Cut the onion or the rinsed potato in half.
    • Remove the dirt with one half. Squeeze the potato first until the liquid has come out.
    • Then rub the other half over the mirror or glass again.
    • Polish the mirror or glass with a damp cloth.
    • Dry with a dry lint free cloth.

2 tips to prevent having to clean mirrors and glass frequently

Of course it would be great if the mirror or glass coffee table stays clean for a long time. It is best to dust off glass furniture regularly. With these tips you can prevent having to clean your bathroom mirror too often:

how to clean mirrors and glass1. Car wax 
You can cover your clean mirror in the bathroom with a coat of car wax. It prevents the mirror from steaming up.

2. Shaving foam 
Alternatively, you can use shaving foam. This prevents the mirror from fogging up and from becoming dirty quickly. Spray some shaving foam on a cloth. Rub it on the mirror. Remove the shaving foam with a dry cloth.

If you have any tips for how to clean a mirror in the bathroom, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to clean a mirrors or glass

What makes a mirror or glass dirty?

Mirrors and glass objects become dirty due to moisture, soap residues, greasy fingers and other dirt that adheres easily to glass surfaces. 

What is the best way to clean a glass table or a mirror?

You can clean mirrors and glass with:

  • Washing-up liquid
  • Vinegar
  • Potatoes or onion

How can I prevent mirrors and glass from becoming dirty?

It is not easy to prevent glass from becoming dirty. For mirrors you can try the following: 

  • Car wax
  • Shaving foam

Which HG product do I use to clean mirrors and glass?

HG glass and mirror cleaner is the easiest way to clean mirrors and glass. 

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