How to get rid of smoke smell? 3 tips for nasty smells in your house

You can always have a dirty smell in your house, irrespective of how clean it is. For example from the toilet. Or after cooking. A fish smell, frying smell or smell from a tabletop grill can really hang around. Same as smoke smells. Sometimes the nasty smell comes from outside. A dirty smell in your house is irritating, but how do you get rid of it? Fortunately, it is easy to neutralise nasty smells.

If the nasty smell comes from the toilet, cooking or cigarettes? It is easy to solve by neutralising those dirty smells or by preventing them. On this page you can read how to get rid of fish smell in the house, how to get rid of cigarette smell and what you can do against other nasty smells in your house, so that your house smells wonderfully fresh again.

Causes of nasty smells in your house

Causes of nasty smells in your house

Dirty smells in the house are normal and they are often produced by every-day activities. For example after somebody used the toilet, after cooking or because somebody smokes indoors. Sometimes the nasty smell just comes from outside. Below you can see a list with the most common causes of dirty smells in a house.

How to make your house smell nice1. The toilet

The toilet is an obvious source of unpleasant smells in a house. Everyone needs to use the toilet. There are many air fresheners, but they often have a masking scent. 

2. Fish smell, frying smells, deep-fat frying smells and smells from tabletop grills

We all prepare food. For many people it’s a hobby to spend lots of time in the kitchen. After cooking, the smell can hang around. Particularly after cooking certain vegetables, such as cauliflower or sprouts. After frying fish, a fish smell in the house can hang around for a long time. Two other culprits include the deep-fat frying pan and tabletop grills. It is not easy to get rid of deep-fat drying smells or smells from tabletop grills.

3. Smoke smells from cigarettes 

Many people really do not like the smell of cigarette smoke. That includes people who smoke. Many smokers often go outside to smoke, but in the cold months of the year that is not so easy. Opening a window produces a lot of cold air in the house. Cigarette smoke stays around in a closed room or a room without proper ventilation. This produces unpleasant smells, but it is quite unhealthy too.

4. Dirty smells from outside 

It can also happen that dirty smells come in from outside. For example from work outside the front door or the neighbour’s barbecue. Particularly in spring and summer when the doors and windows are open. Quite unpleasant, but it can’t always be avoided. 

How to neutralise smells with HG

Do you want to how to make your house smell good naturally? Use our HG air neutraliser for bad odours

HG air neutraliser for bad odours is a neutralising air freshener. This air freshener does not mask, but actually removes the smell and the dirty odours. HG air neutraliser for bad odours is made of a water-based harmless plant extract and produces a natural neutralising process. Our air freshener is effective and removes the most horrible smells in just fifteen minutes. 

If you still have smells in the house after you used HG air neutraliser for bad odours, there is still likely to be a source that is causing this nasty smell. In that case, remove the source effectively with HG odour eliminator for all surfaces

Complete the following steps to get rid of fish smells with HG air neutraliser for bad odours.

  1. Spray a liberal amount of air freshener in the area where the air needs to be neutralised.
  2. The air is clean again after 15 minutes.
  3. If the odour is persistent, you can repeat the treatment.

3 tips for neutralising and preventing dirty smells

How to get rid of smoke smell Would you like to try something different to dispel a damp smell in the house, a toilet smell, fish smell, cooking or frying smell?

There are many DIY tips for dispelling nasty smells. We discuss 3 tips for neutralising smells. The tips provide no guarantees.


1. Ventilation prevents nasty smells in your house 

Ventilation is the most obvious tip. Open a window when you can, to get rid of the dirty air. In winter this will be less comfortable, but you can open a small window. For example during cooking. During cooking you should also make sure you have a cooker hood that works properly. Although the cooker hood never extracts all the cooking smells, it does make a difference. 

2. Lemon, vinegar and charcoal neutralise odours and reduce the dirty smell in a house 

Vinegar and lemon are both good products for neutralising dirty smells. Vinegar neutralises a dirty smell and lemon produces a fresh fragrance in a house. Bring a pan with vinegar and lemon wedges to the boil. Leave on the lowest possible heat, without a lid, for an hour. Do you have trouble with dirty smells in the rest of the house too? Put trays with vinegar on radiators throughout the house. For some vegetables, such as cauliflower, you can add lemon to the cooking water to prevent cooking smells. Do you have a dirty smoke smell because of cigarettes? A tray with charcoal can neutralise the cigarette smell. 

3. Candles and incense mask dirty smells in the house 

Everyone chooses what they prefer. Do you like candles and incense? Scented candles and incense produce lovely scents in house, but they don’t neutralise the dirty smell, they mask it.

The above-mentioned tips aren’t always effective. Or they aren’t always an option. You can’t always open a window. Particularly not in winter. Not everyone likes the scent of lemon, scented candles or incense. Would you like to get rid of nasty smells in your house quickly and simply? Use HG air neutraliser for bad odours for a quick and guaranteed result.

Frequently Asked Questions about neutralising smells in the house

What are the causes of nasty smells in a house?

A dirty smell in the house can have many causes. The most common causes are:

  • The toilet
  • Cooking smells, such as a fish smell, frying smells or tabletop grill smells
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Dirty air that comes from outside

How can I remove the smoke smell from the house? And how can I neutralise or prevent other dirty smells?

You can use DIY products to dispel or prevent dirty smells. For example with:

  • Ventilation
  • Lemon, vinegar or charcoal
  • Candles and incense

Which HG product do I use to neutralise odours?

HG air neutraliser for bad odours is a neutralising air freshener. This air freshener does not mask, but actually removes the smell and the dirty odours.

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