How to descale a coffee machine | HG provides you with 2 methods and a series of steps

If you descale your coffee machine regularly, your coffee will taste better. Scale in the coffee maker means the taste deteriorates, the coffee is colder when it comes out the machine and the machine produces more noise. On this page we provide you with tips on how to descale your machine and how to prevent scale.

Cause of scale in your coffee machine

Scale in the coffee maker is caused by calcium and magnesium salts in tap water. When you make a cup of coffee you heat your appliance. The heat means these salts stimulate the issue of scale. Scale particles end up in the coffee and produce scale in the machine. This is at the expense of the performance of the machine. A scale-free appliance produces better coffee and a coffee machine that lasts longer.

5 benefits of descaling a coffee-maker

How to descale a coffee machineIt is important to descale your coffee machine regularly. This produces a tastier cup of coffee and your coffee maker lasts longer. There are more benefits to descaling your machine. We have listed them for you: 

  1. Built-up scale does not end up in your coffee.
  2. The machine lasts longer
  3. You have fuller cups of coffee at a good temperature
  4. The machine makes less noise
  5. You prevent repair costs due to damage caused by scale

When do you need to descale your coffee machine?

Descale your coffee machine regularly. The exact frequency depends on the amount of coffee you make and the hardness of the water in your area. We recommend you descale your coffee maker once every 3 months. If you live in an area with hard tap water, it is recommended to increase the frequency. It ensures you can continue to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee.

Descale your coffee machine in 5 steps

descaling coffee machineDescale your coffee machine effectively. Complete the following steps:

  1. Empty the coffee maker. Make sure the water reservoir is clean and that any coffee remnants have been removed.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with lukewarm water to the indicated maximum.
  3. Add a descaler. Leave this to dissolve in the water.
  4. Let the reservoir run empty. Put a cup or container to prevent mess.
  5. Rinse your machine with fresh water to flush out all the bits of scale and the descaler.
    • Important: Wipe the appliance with a cloth to remove any scale solution. Always wipe with a properly rinsed-out cloth. That way you prevent rust.

Descaling a coffee maker with vinegar.

According to a range of blogs and fora, vinegar is a popular descaling solution for descaling a coffee maker. Mix a few teaspoons of vinegar with water and leave this mixture to run through your machine. The disadvantage of descaling with vinegar is that your coffee has a nasty taste.

Furthermore, vinegar does not dissolve the scale, it breaks it up. It means that the loose scale particles can still block the pipes of your machine. So select a proper coffee machine descaler that was developed specifically for that purpose, such as HG descaler for appliances.

HG descaler for appliances: the descaling solution for a coffee machine

Would you like to descale your coffee maker quickly and effectively? HG descaler for appliances for coffee machines is an effective product for descaling your coffee machine. It is a fast-acting coffee machine descaler for descaling your coffee machine.

Deal with scale quickly and effectively with HG descaler for appliances. For your espresso and pod-coffee machines, HG coffee machine descaler based on citric acid is an effective product.

HG also collected convenient tips for descaling your Nespresso® machine. Read the tips on these pages and keep your machine in optimum condition for delicious cups of coffee.

Prevent scale in the coffee machine

Prevent scale formation in your machine by cleaning it regularly with a descaler. Alternatively, you can fit a water filter. A water filter filters scale from your tap water, which means the hardness of the water no longer affects your coffee. It also prevents the pipes in your machine from becoming clogged up.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to descale a coffee machine

How is scale formed in my coffee machine?

Scale in your machine is created by heating water. During this process scale particles are released that adhere to various elements of the machine.

How do I prevent scale in my coffee maker?

You can prevent scale by putting a water filter in your coffee maker. You can also clean your appliance regularly with products specifically developed for that purpose, such as HG descaler for appliances.

Which HG descaling products for coffee machines do I use to descale the coffee machine?

Descale the coffee maker with HG descaler for appliances.

What are the benefits of descaling my coffee machine?

A scale-free coffee machine has various benefits. The quality of the coffee improves and the appliance lasts longer.

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