How to clean granite worktops? Tips for a streak-free result

Whether you need to clean your natural-stone worktop or marble worktop, natural stone needs to be treated with care. On this page we share a number of tips and products for cleaning natural-stone worktops. This is how you enjoy a clean worktop every day and how it stays beautiful for longer.

Clean granite worktops: where do the stains come from?

When you prepare dishes, dirt and grease can end up on the worktop. Kitchen utensils can also make the surface dirty. Therefore it is important to clean your natural-stone worktop  on a daily basis. It is best to clean the worktop immediately when it has a stain. It prevents stains from absorbing into the worktop.

2 DIY tips for cleaning your natural-stone worktop

It is important to clean your worktop hygienically on a daily basis. Various tips are shared on the internet, and you can try those to clean your worktop. HG selected a number of tips. 

Remember: natural stone is a natural product. For example granite, marble or hardstone. They are sensitive to aggressive cleaning products. Furthermore, stains penetrate into the surface faster and can cause permanent damage. 

The products mentioned below are not developed specifically for cleaning a natural-stone worktop. Use them cautiously and try them out in an inconspicuous place first. 

Would you prefer a safe and effective cleaner for cleaning your granite worktop? Use HG natural stone worktop cleaner.

how to clean granite worktops1. Clean natural-stone worktop with soft household soap

Mix warm water with a dash of soft household soap. Use a clean, soft cloth and wipe the surface. Dry the worktop properly to remove the last bits of soap. 

You can try to remove stains with old deep-fat frying fat or with bees wax. Leave that to absorb for an hour and then clean the surface with soft household soap. Then dry the surface with a cloth.

2. Clean a granite worktop with washing-up liquid

You can clean your granite worktop with washing-up liquid: one drop is enough. Use clean water for cleaning, a soft cloth and gently rub the surface clean. Then dry the surface with a cloth.

HG natural stone worktop cleaner for cleaning marble countertops

clean granite worktopsProducts, such as soft household soap and washing-up liquid can help to clean your granite worktop. Yet these products are not always effective. HG natural stone worktop cleaner has been developed specifically for fast, streak-free and safe daily cleaning of natural-stone worktops. 

This is how you use HG natural stone worktop cleaner to clean a natural-stone worktop:

  1. Spray the cleaner on the worktop.
  2. Wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth.
  3. Leave the cleaner to absorb for a few minutes if the worktop is very dirty, or if the dirt has dried in.
    • For more information about this cleaner, visit the product page: HG natural stone worktop cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning granite worktops

Which products should I avoid if I want to clean my granite worktop?

You never clean a natural-stone worktop with aggressive or acidic products. Avoid anti-scale products, vinegar, lemon and other aggressive cleaners. The natural-stone surface is too vulnerable for those. Acidic products have a pH that is too high.

Which HG product can I use to clean a natural-stone worktop?

You clean a natural-stone worktop with HG natural stone worktop cleaner. With this product you clean and protect the worktop.

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