Blocked drain? The best tips to learn how to unblock a drain

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Do you have blocked drains? Food remains are often the biggest cause of a blocked kitchen sink and for blocked shower drains the cause is often hair or soap remains. Wipe plates clean with a paper towel before doing the washing up and remove hair from blocked shower drains. In addition to these tips, we also have advice for preventing blocked drains in the kitchen and blocked shower drains as well as a guide on how to unblock a drain.

3 tips for preventing a blocked drain

The following tips will help prevent blocked drains in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

1. Prevent food remains from getting in the sink
It is important to first wipe plates clean with a paper towel before rinsing them off. Put an extra filter above the drain to prevent food remains from getting into the drain. Never pour frying oil in the drain, pour it back into the bottle.

2. Your drain is not a bin
Be careful of what and how much ends up in your drain. For example, do not flush large amounts of toilet paper at one time. Feminine pads, tampons and certainly diapers belong in the bin and certainly not in the toilet.

3. Clean shower drains and sinks
Hair, soap remains and skin grease are often the cause of blocked shower drains and sink drains. Remove hair from the drain regularly and keep the shower and sink clean to prevent a blocked shower drain and a blocked sink. 

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How to unblock a drain?

3 household remedies to learn how to unblock a drain

Various websites and blogs mention several household remedies for dealing with blocked drains. Note: these methods do not guarantee success:

1. Soda and hot water 
One of these household remedies is soda. Take a handful of soda and throw it in the blocked drain. Then pour hot water in the blocked sink or drain. Soda does not help? Then you can try this in combination with vinegar. After using these products, you must pour a minimum of 1 litre of boiling water into your drain.

2. Cola
Cola is not only for removing rust, it supposedly also works for blocked drains. Pour an entire bottle of cola in the blocked drain. Wait 15 to 30 minutes and then pour a minimum of 1 litre of boiling water into the blocked sink. Again, with serious blockages this method does not always work.

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3. A plumber's snake
This can be used when the clog is deeper down in the pipes. The flexible steel cable bends to fit  through the pipes. Push the plumber’s snake as far down the drain as you can and then turn the hand spinner. The turning motion dislodges the blockage and unblocks the drain.

Did you try the methods above but did not get the desired results or found it to be too much work? Then try the various solutions from HG developed especially for blocked drains.

HG solutions for blocked drains

HG has various solutions for blocked drains. First is HG liquid drain unblockera ready-to-use unblocker for toilet, shower or sink. It works thoroughly and effectively and does not affect plastic pipes. Do you have a serious blocked drain or a blocked sink in the kitchen? Then we recommend HG duo unblocker. This unblocker is suitable for the most stubborn blockages in the kitchen sink or wash basin and will even unblock shower drains.

A blocked sink in the kitchen is often caused by grease and food remains. Use the special HG kitchen drain unblocker for this. HG kitchen drain unblocker works on the basis of natural micro-organisms which, so to speak, eat through the blockage and can therefore always deal effectively with any kind of blockage.

Blocked sink or blockage in the bathroom? Many blockages in the bathroom are caused by hair that also retains soap, skin grease and toothpaste. HG hair unblocker is the best product for these blocked drains.

To remove bad smells in kitchen or bathroom drains, we advise HG drain odour remover.

Causes of blocked drains

A blocked drain or blocked sink can occur often, but what exactly causes a blocked sink?

Blocked sink in the kitchen
As we already said, food remains in the drainpipes are the main cause of a blocked sink in the kitchen. The food remains in the pipes and finally causes a blocked kitchen sink. And soap remains are a big culprit in the bathroom in particular. These soap remains build up, making the drain narrower and narrower with time. Grease, food remains and limescale can also cause a blocked sink in the kitchen.

Blocked toilet
Toilet paper, tissues or toilet bowl cleaners can cause limescale, also a cause of blocked drains in the wc. Limescale can build up and lead to a blockage which blocks the drain. The cause of the blocked drain can also be outdoors, for example, an overfull sceptic tank or blocked drain pipes near the tank.

blocked drains in the bathroomBlocked drains in the bathroom
Hair is the number one cause of a blocked shower drain and other bathroom blockages. Shaving and washing, styling hair all mean hair in the shower drain or sink. And this cannot be prevented, the only solution is to unblock the shower drain. Hair can accumulate and finally lead to a blocked shower drain. Soap remains and skin grease are also major causes of blocked drains.

Do you have a good tip for unblocking a drain? Let us know! 

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