HG drain and plug hair unblockerUnblock the shower drain quickly

HG drain and plug hair unblockerUnblock the shower drain quickly

Shower waste blocked? Hair is the cause of blockages in sink, shower or bath drains in a bathroom. Soap remnants, skin grease and toothpaste that are retained by hair only make the problem worse. It makes unblocking a dirty job. Fortunately, there is HG hair unblocker that is suitable for unblocking a shower waste, sink or bath.

  • For blockages in the bathroom
  • Extremely effective, because it contains 2 components
  • Ready to use and convenient to apply

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Ready-to-use hair unblocker

HG drain and plug hair unblocker has been strengthened with potassium hydroxide and therefore makes quick work of hair, dissolves soap remnants and all the materials blocked by it. HG drain and plug hair unblocker is extremely easy to use for blocked shower drains and bathroom sinks. The 2 components make it extremely effective in removing hair, soap remnants, skin grease and toothpaste. 

How do you use HG drain and plug hair unblocker?

Complete the following steps to unblock the shower drain, sink or bath by using HG drain and plug hair unblocker.

  1. If there is standing water in the blocked shower drain or bathroom sink, shower tray or bath, try to remove as much of this as possible.
  2. Carefully pour the entire content of bottle 1 down the clogged shower drain and then carefully the entire content of bottle 2. 
  3. Leave the hair unblocker to work for 1 hour.
  4. Finally, rinse with plenty of water.

Comments received:

"I have just used your product `HG drain and plug hair unblocker` and I can only say `superb` everything it said on the package it did. Will recommend to everybody." - R. Foster

HG drain and plug hair unblocker


Can the hair unblocker product be used on a shower tray with plastic pipes?
Yes, that's no problem.

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