HG offers specific solutions for any cleaning or maintenance problems of kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and all kinds of coffee machines. When maintaining your household appliances, it's important that they are regularly descaled or cleaned.

This not only extends their working life, but also prevents or removes any unpleasant odours, in the case of the dishwasher and washing machine for example.

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Maintaining household appliances

Maintaining household appliances

HG has various products for effective cleaning and descaling of household appliances. Our cleaning tablets for coffee machines remove coffee residue in the machine pipelines for example, ensuring not only the best coffee flavour but also keeping them working effectively. And if you have a Nespresso® machine, it can be easily cleaned using the special HG cleaning cups for Nespresso® machines. The various specific descaling products remove limescale from all kinds of devices, while our HG service engineer prevents and removes problems in the washing machine or dishwasher. All our products are of course safe to use for the specific tasks for which they were developed, so that they also contribute to extending the working life of the appliances. Check out our extensive range of cleaning and descaling products above, to search and find the perfect solution for your expensive household appliances.
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