HG stove polishThé stove polish for a deep black shine

HG stove polishThé stove polish for a deep black shine

HG stove polish gives (old) stoves and potbelly stoves back their deep, shiny black gloss, quickly and easily. Use and sunlight mean these stoves and potbelly stoves become dull and lustreless after time. Our stove polish makes stoves shine like new again!

  • Revitalises and protects
  • Easy to use

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HG stove polish

HG stove polish

€ 21,25


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Stove polish for beautiful, shiny stoves

Our stove polish is the ideal solution for making your stove or potbelly stove shine like new again. And it even protects against dirt. To clean the stove windows, we advise HG stove glass cleaner.

How do you use HG stove polish?

Follow the steps below to give (old) stoves and potbelly stoves a shiny, black gloss again and protect them against dirt with HG stove polish.

  1. Apply HG stove polish with a brush or cloth. 
  2. Rub in evenly on the stove or potbelly stove. 
  3. Let the stove polish dry and then use a clean, soft cloth to polish until shiny.
HG stove polish

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