HGX mouse bait refillsUnlimited refills for your mouse bait box

HGX mouse bait refillsUnlimited refills for your mouse bait box

The mouse bait box HGX refillable mouse bait box can be refilled easily and an unlimited number of times with HGX mouse bait paste - refills. These refills contain an extremely effective mouse bait paste that is eaten by the mice in the mouse bait box and also taken to the nest. The mice disappear automatically, without dirty clamps or traps! One pack of HGX mouse bait paste contains 5 sachets you can use to refill the lockable mouse bait box. 

  • Contains 5 sachets with bait paste
  • Ready to use

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HGX mouse bait refills

HGX mouse bait refills

€ 4,95


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Refills for the lockable mouse bait station

Eradicating mice with a clamp or a trap is a dirty business. It is much cleaner to deal with mice by using the lockable HGX refillable mouse bait box, making it harmless for children and pets! This mouse bait station is easy to refill with the HGX mouse bait paste - refills. One pack contains 5 sachets of refills for the mouse bait station.

How do you use the HGX mouse bait paste - refills?

Follow the steps below for effective use of the refills for the mouse bait box.

  1. Check the sachets of bait paste every 3-4 days and add more if the sachets have been eaten or if they are dirty. If they are, replace the sachets of HGX mouse bait paste - refills.
  2. Make sure that the mouse bait box, filled with 2 sachets of bait paste, is locked properly again and keep the supplied key out of reach of children.
  3. Position the mouse bait station near the place where you have seen the mice, but out of reach of children and pets.

Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

HGX mouse bait refills

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