Combat insects effectively using HG insecticides

Of course you opt for the HG insecticides to effectively tackle insects. HG has specific insecticides for all undesirable insects and other creepy crawlies, in and around the home. From winged insects and creepy crawlies to annoying mice and woodworm.

Our range of products includes a number of types of sprays, natural slug pellets, ant powder and ant bait boxes, but also a really useful mousetrap, reusable mice bait boxes and an effective fly swatter.

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HGX against wasps

  • Highly effective

HGX fruit-fly trap

  • Highly effective

HGX mouse trap

  • Safe to set

HGX mothballs

  • For clothes moths and clothes moths larvae

HGX refillable mouse bait box

  • Includes 2 sachets with bait paste

HGX mouse bait refills

  • Contains 5 sachets with bait paste

HGX spray against ants

  • Works for 4 - 6 weeks

HGX spray against fleas

  • Extremely effective

HGX fly paper

  • Extremely strong sticky tape

HGX spray against silverfish

  • Highly effective

HGX against crawling vermin

  • Extremely effective

HGX against woodworm

  • against woodworm

HGX spray against aphids

  • Works very quickly

HGX electronic fly, wasp and mosquito eliminator

  • Works quickly and effectively

fruit-fly trap refill

  • Works for 4 months

HGX ant bait box

  • Content: 2 boxes

HGX silverfish trap

  • Eradicates silverfish and other crawling vermin

HGX ant powder

  • highly effective

Insecticide for all types of undesirable visitors

Insecticide for all types of undesirable visitors

Mice, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, aphids, moths, fleas, silverfish or fruit flies However useful they may sometimes be in the natural environment, they are unwelcome guests in your home. HG has the right product for any insect you wish to tackle. Effective and hygienic reusable mousetraps, various insect sprays to combat insects and other creepy crawlies or flying insects, but also products to protect your plants and crops.

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