Good maintenance: good news for your kitchen appliances.

Most kitchens have many different types of appliances nowadays. They make life easier. You notice that immediately when an appliance no longer works properly or gives up the ghost. Good maintenance is essential, using products developed specially for the appliances. Click here for an overview of all our appliance products.

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HG descaler for Nespresso machines

  • Based on lactic acid

HG for smelly dishwashers

  • For a clean and fresh dishwasher

HG cooker hood filter degreaser

  • Self-acting, just submerge and the grease dissolves of its own accord

HG freezer de-icer

  • Easy to use

HG oven & grill revamp kit

  • 1 pot of oven & grill soaking gel 600 ml

HG cleaning capsules for Nespresso ® coffee machines

  • Thoroughly removes coffee grease and other deposits

HG universal cleaning tablets for coffee machines

  • For effective removal of coffee fats and other deposits

HG microwave cleaner

  • Cleans powerfully and quickly

HG air fryer ® cleaner

  • Very powerful air fryer cleaner without causing damage

HG deep-fat fryer cleaner

  • Extremely powerful

HG hygienic fridge cleaner

  • Fridge cleaning done quickly and hygienically

HG hob cleaner for everyday use

  • Quickly and easily removes day-to-day dirt, such as grease, cooking liquids, and mild scale from the hob

HG hob thorough cleaner

  • Removes stubborn grime and cooked-on food

HG oven grill & barbecue cleaner

  • Removes caked-on and burnt-in grease

HG grease away

  • Degreaser for animal and vegetable fats and food oils

HG quick descaler

  • For hot-water equipment
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