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HG has a variety of products for the maintenance of natural stone and marble. Think in terms of cleaning and protecting it, but also restoring these natural, quality types of stone. Most types of natural stone contain calcium, and therefore require a special style of cleaning and protection. You want to avoid losing this calcium of course, because your natural stone would then lose its looks and its gloss. Our special product range contains both daily cleaners to keep your natural stone floor clean, and an extremely powerful yet safe cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grease.

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Always an effective product to maintain natural stone

HG offers quality products to clean, restore and protect various types of natural stone, including slate, marble or bluestone. Always an effective solution for all types of natural stone. From stain colour remover to a polish to restore gloss and remove scratches. Choose HG if you want to keep your beautiful, natural stone floor, table or worktop looking as nice as possible without any annoying stains or scratches.

Always an effective product to maintain natural stone
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