All the rooms and spaces in and around your home fresh and hygienically clean with HG!

A fresh and hygienically clean house improves your health, because everyone feels better in such a clean home!

On this page we have selected a number of HG products that you can use to make your home fresh and hygienically clean again.

All the rooms and spaces in and around your home fresh and hygienically clean with HG!

Vrij kunnen bewegen in een hygiënisch schoon huis!

Move about freely in a hygienically clean home!

Countless times a day, your hands come into contact with all manner things. At home too! It happens almost automatically and without noticing. Just think about opening or closing doors, holding the stair railing, answering the telephone, or looking something up on the computer; they are all actions we perform without giving it a second thought.

Now you can do all those things without any worries, because HG's special cleaners keep all your surfaces at home fresh and hygienically clean. To make sure you can move about freely at home, without concerns. Without fear of dirt or grime.


HG interior surface cleaner

  • Interior spray removes grease, dirt, fingerprints and rings easily
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HG screen cleaner

  • Cleans absolutely streak-free
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Toilet quickly hygienically fresh and clean!

You need to be able to visit a toilet without worrying about hygiene.

What is better than being able to clean the toilet seat, the tap or the door handle quickly with a ready-to-use hygiene spray? HG sanitary area cleaner is the perfect product for the job.

Or to have a toilet pan that is quickly clean due to the wonderfully fresh-scented HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic? If the dirt is a bit more persistent, there is always HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful!

Het toilet snel hygiënisch schoon en fris!

HG sanitary area cleaner

  • Quick-drying toilet stain remover with a fresh fragrance
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Prepare food in a hygienically clean kitchen!

If there is one room in the home where good hygiene is of the essence, it is the kitchen. After all, this is where you prepare food every day!

With HG grease away you remove grease from all the kitchen surfaces and stop other dirt and grime from sticking to it.

Do you have a natural-stone worktop? Use HG natural stone worktop cleaner to make it wonderfully clean and fresh.

Don't forget the fridge! This is where you store all your food. HG hygienic fridge cleaner turns quick, hygienic cleaning of your fridge into child’s play and produces a streak-free result too.

Eten bereiden in een hygiënisch schone keuken!

HG grease away

  • Degreaser for animal and vegetable fats and food oils
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HG natural stone worktop cleaner

  • No streak kitchen worktop cleaner & absolutely safe
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HG hygienic fridge cleaner

  • Fridge cleaning done quickly and hygienically
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Everything for a fresh and hygienically clean home.

HG has more products to keep your home fresh and hygienically clean. Here you can discover our complete range for cleaning and maintaining all the rooms and spaces in and around your home.