Brits Ranked the Worst in Europe for Keeping Their BBQs Clean!

11 June 2021

Mercury’s rising and the summer is set to launch next week. Break the statistically bad British barbecue habits of lifetime and dust the cobwebs (and all of the other nasty bacteria lurking..) off of your BBQ with HG oven, grill and barbecue cleaner and get cooking up a clean and healthy storm for friends and family in the garden.

According to research* on European barbecue habits conducted by HG, manufacturer of specialist cleaning products, the English are officially the worst offenders for keeping their barbecues clean. Compared with the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France the English clean their barbecue the least, almost a third wait to clean until they start using the barbecue again or only clean it once a year or even never!

Shockingly almost half of us Brits surveyed think that the quality of the food does not deteriorate on a dirty barbecue!?  This is particularly worrying given what dangers we know can be lurking on a dirty grill including E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, Closttridium Perfingens, Campylobacter, and not to mention the increased fire risk from excessive grease and grime.

One saving grace is that in England specialist cleaning products or a special brush are used more often than our European friends, almost 60% compared to less than 50% in other countries. So, although we don’t clean our grills enough, we do want to use the right products.

Matt Lothian from the HG UK Head Office said, “After the past year we know more than ever about the importance of keeping things clean and how to protect ourselves against dangerous germs and bacteria. Barbecues require more than soapy water, using regular targeted cleaning products which are quick and easy will give you the assurance and protection of a clean and healthy barbecue all summer long.”