Cleaning and maintenance products for Stone patios, paths, driveways, outdoor tables, planters etc.

Which treatment does it concern?

enhancement of colour and protection of dark marble varieties, granite and Belgian bluestone

HG natural stone colour intensifier

  • Enhances and repairs the colour

making a grubby patio clean/ clear

HG patio-tile cleaner

  • Very suitable for gravel tiles

prevention and removal of green slime

HG algae and mould remover

  • Result within 36 hours

protecting against dirt

HG tile impregnating protector

  • Basic treatment for invisible protection against penetrating dirt and grease (stains)

removal of oil stains

HG tile stain remover

  • Removes grease and oil stains

remove extremely stubborn oil and grease stains

HG natural stone oil and grease absorber

  • Removes oil and grease stains