Cleaning and maintenance products for Kitchen equipment

Which treatment does it concern?

defrost the freezer super quickly before the frozen food defrosts

HG freezer de-icer

  • Easy to use

hygienically cleaning inside/outside fridge

HG hygienic fridge cleaner

  • Fridge cleaning done quickly and hygienically

removal of invisible internal soiling and lime scale in (dish) washing machines

HG service engineer for washing machines and dishwashers

  • Solves and prevents faults

removal of limescale deposits from espresso and pod-coffee machines - based on citric acid

HG descaler for espresso & pod-coffee machines

  • Based on citric acid

remove grease and caked-on food remnants from combination microwaves

HG microwave cleaner

  • Cleans powerfully and quickly

remove lime deposits from coffee percolators, water heaters and washing machines

HG quick descaler

  • For hot-water equipment

remove smells from dishwashers

HG for smelly dishwashers

  • For a clean and fresh dishwasher

soak difficult to remove baked-in baking stains from oven or grill

HG oven & grill revamp kit

  • Extremely strong formula